Fishing and RV Camping at Texas’ Lake o’ the Pines

The fishing is almost always good in the Pineywoods Region of Texas, making it a much-loved destination for RV camping anglers. One spot in this lake-rich area that stands out is Lake o’ the Pines near the Texas/Louisiana border. Multiple RV-friendly campgrounds and a lake filled with crappie and bass should put this East Texas lake on your camping and fishing itinerary.

RV Campgrounds at Lake o’ the Pines
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers does an impressive job of maintaining four RV-friendly campgrounds at Lake o’ the Pines. Alley Creek Campground on the lake’s north side, for example, offers campsites with electricity near two boat launches. Johnson Creek Campground is located along a nice pine-shaded cove with boat launches and two designated RV areas.

You’ll also find easy boat access and a courtesy dock at Brushy Creek Campground and along the coves at Buckhorn Creek Campground. All four campgrounds get high marks from fishing fans who camp here often.

Fishing at Lake o’ the Pines
As soon as you see this lake’s wide open stretches and quiet coves, you’ll want to unhook your boat from the back of the RV and get out on the water. Local fishing guides can lead you to the best angling spots, or here’s a good rundown of current Lake o’ the Pines fishing conditions from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

As mentioned earlier, this East Texas fishing hotspot is well-known for its bass and crappie possibilities. White and largemouth bass offer satisfying sport to anglers, as well as three species of crappie, channel cats and sunfish. Big Cypress Creek was dammed to create this lake, and fishing below the dam is a favorite with locals. Big Cypress Bayou, part of the largest cypress forest in the world, runs south from this lake to Lake Caddo, providing a whole new set of fishing adventures.

You’ll find more fishing information and a good bait selection at the following marinas along Lake o’ the Pines:

Just in case your RV camping crew includes non-fishermen, it’s good to know there are plenty of outdoor occupations to keep them busy. Wildlife watching and photography can keep non-anglers busy while you’re out on the water, with sightings of bald eagles, great blue herons and osprey quite common around the lake.

Hiking trails such as the Lake o’ the Pines Loop Trail lead through the area’s famous “pineywoods”, over rolling hills and along the lake’s scenic shoreline. If that’s not enough to keep them busy, the nearby river town of Jefferson, TX offers exceptional shopping and fascinating historic sites.

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  1. Marilyn Patton says:

    When is best time for crappie fishing?

  2. Monty says:

    The Short answer to your question is: “… Usually sometime between mid March and mid April, the water reaches 56 degrees here in Oklahoma. This is generally the temperature required to trigger crappie-spawning activity. Mr. Sutton also shares a study that determined day length for spawning is between 13.2 and 14.6 hours. So, check your sunrise and sunset times and you can calculate when that window of opportunity occurs.” – See more at:

    For a more in-depth answer to your question, you may enjoy reading this aritice:

    Thank you for your question! We hope you enjoy reading our Monty Blog posts!

  3. Michael Mathews says:

    Monty, your link to Lake O’ Pines RV park is not correct. It should be:

    I enjoy your website.


  4. Monty says:

    Thanks for your message and for letting us know about the incorrect link, Michael. We’re glad you enjoy the site. The link has been corrected.

  5. Rachael says:

    Are there any full time RV lease spots by the year? Thank you.

  6. Monty says:

    Hello Rachael,

    Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, we can’t answer that for you, but suggest you contact the resort directly. Here is a link to their website:



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