RV Camping and Fossil Hunting in Utah

Trilobite Fossil

Trilobite Fossil

RV travelers with a yen to find ancient fossils will definitely find their bliss in Utah! No matter whether you prefer to hunt for fossils at a pay-to-dig site or strike out on your own to look for treasure, there’s a place to do it in Utah. Here’s our guide to RV camping and fossil hunting in Utah.

First, Where to Find Fossils in Utah?

We’ve divided our guide for finding fossils in Utah into two sections – places you can pay to dig where fossils can be found in abundance, and public lands where casual fossil collecting is allowed. (By the way, for an official definition of “casual or hobby fossil collecting” see the Utah Bureau of Land Management website.)

Utah Pay-to-Dig Fossil Collection Sites

  • U-Dig Fossils in Central Utah offers “the best Trilobite collecting in the world.”
  • Dinosaurs Rock is a New Jersey-based educational tour company advertises fossil digs every summer in Utah.

Utah Public Lands Open to Casual Fossil Collection

As we mentioned, the richest fossil hunting in Utah seems to be centered around the town of Delta, southwest of Provo. The area abounds with trilobite fossils, those marine arthropods that look like many-legged beetles. You can also find topaz and garnet in the area, if gem hunting also interests you. Here are some ideas for finding fossils on Utah public lands:

  • Millard County, Utah fossil collection sites include Topaz Mountain about an hour southwest of Delta, as well as Agate Hill and Antelope Springs within an hour’s drive of Delta.
  • Caineville, Utah area along Hwy 24 near Capitol Reef National Park in Southern Utah for petrified wood and fossil oysters.

Next, Where to Camp in Utah?

Here are a few of the places Utah’s famous RV campground hospitality can be experienced:

  • Antelope Valley RV Park – Delta, Utah, where rockhounds flock every year to find fossils.
  • Fishlake National Forest – numerous RV-accessible campgrounds can be found within Fish Lake NF, a wonderfully scenic collection of mountain lakes, rugged plateaus and grassy meadows.
  • KOA Fillmore – Fillmore, Utah, about 45 minutes north of Delta.
  • Thousand Lakes RV Park – Torrey, UT RV campground near Capitol Reef NP and the fossil hunting areas around Caineville.
  • Wagons West RV Park – Fillmore, Utah, on the edge of Fishlake National Forest

Finally, What Are You Waiting For?

Use this brief guide to inspire you to dig deeper about fossil-hunting sites in Utah. As you’re planning your vacation, be sure to let our Salt Lake City El Monte RV Rental office know if you’ll need an RV rental. And then pack your tools, your friends and family in the RV and strike out in search of treasure in the fossil-rich mountains, quarries and canyons of Utah.

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  1. Fossil hunting with the kids is definitely going on my to do list for next summer.

  2. David Grover says:

    This is what I love about Utah, there is so much to do and see that you could spend a life time here and still not see it all!

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