Planning Your RV Camping Trip to Wind Cave National Park

In the southern Black Hills of South Dakota is a magical place that’s sure to intrigue science buffs, outdoor adventurers and folks who like RV camping in wide, open spaces. This wonder is Wind Cave National Park, home to one of the world’s longest and best-explored caves. As you begin planning your warm weather adventures, use these tips to chart your RV camping trip to Wind Cave National Park.

What Will You See at Wind Cave NP?

We mentioned there’s an enormous underground cavern at Wind Cave NP, but there’s so much more to experience there. Preserved with the national park’s boundaries are more than twenty eight thousand acres of pristine prairie and pine forests. Wildlife is amazingly abundant in the area, so plan to include bison, elk, pronghorn and about a zillion prairie dogs in your vacation photos. Thirty miles of mapped trails let you get to know this wild and wonderful habitat up close and personal.

But let’s talk about the cave itself. According to the National Park Service, more than one hundred thirty five miles of passages have been mapped here, but more passages are being discovered all the time! As the fourth longest cave in the world, Wind Cave gives visitors an almost endless underground playground to discover.

Ranger-led tours make it easy to explore Wind Cave; we’ve heard the tour through rooms like the Blue Grotto, Pearly Gates and Fallen Flats by candlelight is especially thrilling. Guided cave tours range from moderately strenuous with one hundred fifty steps to the Wild Cave Tour, a four hour adventure away from the more popular cave rooms. Be sure to spend some time at the Visitor Center to learn more about the area’s Native American history, development of the national park and the geology of the cave.

Where Can You Camp Near Wind Cave NP?

Glad you asked! There are private and public campgrounds that accommodate RVs throughout the area. A special note: RV camping on South Dakota public lands sometimes means no hookups, so be sure to plan accordingly. Here are some ideas for RV camping near Wind Cave National Park:

Black Hills National Forest:

  • Bismarck Lake Campground, Custer, SD – no hookups, waste station available in Custer.
  • Hill City, SD Area Campgrounds – there are a number of campgrounds available to RVers in the Hill City area, about twenty five miles from Wind Cave. Use this helpful guide to choose your best accommodation.

Custer State Park:

Wind Cave National Park:

Private Campgrounds Near Wind Cave

It’s time to go underground! We highly recommend an RV trip this summer to Wind Cave National Park. Let us know if we can help with an RV rental, and then start your own exploration of one of America’s most-beloved caves.

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