Casper, Wyoming – A Magical RV Camping Destination

A wild Western river running right through downtown and beautiful Casper Mountain as a backdrop… sounds like the perfect place to spend a vacation, doesn’t it? Where’s this magical RV camping destination? It’s Casper, Wyoming, and we’re going to tell you how to get the most from your RV trip there.Where to Camp in Casper, Wyoming

Just four hours north of Denver, Casper sits in the Laramie Range of the Rockies, intersected by the North Platte River. Casper campgrounds are numerous, so choose the one most suited to your style of RV camping. Fort Casper Campground, for example, is tucked into a bend in the North Platte River and offers an on-site opportunity to hike the river trail or fish in a private pond.

Casper KOA, on the other hand, is in the nearby town of Bar Nunn, and advertises a chance to see the area’s abundant antelope on-site. For an upscale motorhome camping experience in Casper, try River’s Edge RV Resort, also on the North Platte River.

Once you’ve settled on a Casper area campground, it’s time to plan the kind of adventures you’ll talk about for years.Historic Adventures in Casper, Wyoming

Casper’s roots are in ranching and oil and the town has nicely evolved into a center of finance. What that means for you, RV traveler, is that there are not only historic attractions to discover, but also nice amenities like galleries and museums.

But let’s talk about Casper’s history. Four historic pioneer trails crisscrossed in the Casper area, prompting the development of the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center. Read actual journal pages from some of the half million immigrants who traveled west through Wyoming from 1840 to 1870. Look out over the North Platte at a prairie landscape almost unchanged since those days. This center is a gold mine of information for RV travelers hoping to learn more about America’s Western Expansion.

And to learn even more about Casper’s early history, take a trip to Fort Casper Museum. First a military outpost to protect early travelers, Casper’s military history is well-displayed in this reconstructed fort. And here’s a fun way to enjoy Casper’s Old West flavor – check the schedule of events for the Bessemer Vigilance Committee! These creative folks dress in costumes and hold shooting competitions based on actual historical events.Adventures in Casper, Wyoming

There’s no way to avoid being caught up in the beauty of Casper, where the western plains meet the Rockies. Scenic sites abound for outdoor recreation; here are just a few ideas to get your trip started:

  • Platte River Parkway and Casper Rail Trail – miles of well-maintained hiking and biking trails for the whole family.
  • Independence Rock – a scenic and historic spot where early settlers carved their names for posterity.
  • Pathfinder Reservoir – a rugged lake perfect for a fishing adventure.
  • Alcova Reservoir – fishing, swimming and boating haven operated by Natrona County.
  • Casper Mountain – trails, wide meadows and year-round scenic views make the town’s namesake mountain a favorite outdoor destination.
  • Rotary Park/Garden Creek Falls – fabulous mountain trails lead to a beautiful waterfall just waiting to be photographed.

It’s all there in Casper, Wyoming – mountain trails, Wild West history and comfortable accommodations. Why not add Casper to your “must see” list when you’re planning this year’s RV adventures?

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