RV Camping at Santee Lakes

Just twenty miles from San Diego, Santee, California is a young city built around responsible use of resources. One place RV campers congregate for outdoor fun is Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve, built by this visionary city to provide recreation while recycling water and sustaining the environment.

What You’ll Find at Santee Lakes
There are plenty of reasons to turn your RV toward Santee Lakes, and one of the best is the excellent RV camping available. Carefully-planned to preserve the surrounding environment, the campgrounds at Santee Lakes are located in beautiful settings, along a lakeshore, in a shady grove or near a bubbling stream.

Once you’ve settled in a scenic campsite, turn your time toward outdoor entertainment. Seven lakes created to safely recycle water for the city have been stocked to provide catfish and trout fishing action. A tip for RV camping fishermen – Lakes 6 and 7 are reserved for campers only. Don’t own a boat? Rent one from the Santee Lakes General Store.

And there’s plenty for non-fishing campers to do, as well. The kids will enjoy splashing in the “sprayground” or playing at one of the playgrounds or in two pools open to campers. Fitness buffs can find plenty of hiking and biking trails winding their way through the complex.

And one of the best things about Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve is the way the staff there caters to RV campers. Special potlucks, game nights and parties are held throughout the week for campers in the clubhouse. Top-notch laundry facilities and a fitness center round out the amenities offered to RV travelers.

You can feel especially good about camping at Santee Lakes, because green practices such as water recycling, a waterfowl nesting program and solar energy are at the heart of how this natural area was established.

So, why not park your RV at Santee Lakes and then spend your entire vacation enjoying the charms of this picturesque area? Fish, swim, hike or simply walk the shores of these perfectly-planned lakes, knowing your campground is part of a forward-thinking city’s efforts to preserve the environment.

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