What to Do on Your RV Trip to Tallahassee

Planning an RV trip to Florida’s capitol city presents a dilemma. There’s simply so much to do that it can’t all be done in one vacation! But don’t let that keep you from planning your own visit; the weather, the natural beauty and the exciting arts scene in Tallahassee keep RV campers coming back year after year. Browse through this quick list of Tallahassee attractions and then get ready to play on the Panhandle.

Tallahassee Natural Wonders
Nowhere else in the US will you find such diverse ecosystems as in Tallahassee. What that means for RV campers is that there’s an amazing array of natural wonders to discover.

Why not start your exploration of Tallahassee at Wakulla Springs State Park, where you’ll find one of the world’s deepest freshwater springs? Float in a glass bottom boat or take a riverboat cruise, but save time to visit the site’s historic lodge and hike the trails in search of amazing wildlife.

Speaking of trails, St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge is divided into four unique areas and offers the hiker (or bicyclist) the chance to experience Florida in the wild, from beach to forest. For the ultimate outdoor experience, be sure to visit Apalachicola National Forest, just outside Tallahassee. Lakes, creeks and rivers within the National Forest make this attraction a favorite with boaters. There are also historic structures dating back to the Revolutionary War and a scenic drive that shows the best of the Florida Panhandle.

Cultural Delights in Tallahassee
RV campers hoping to experience the arts in Tallahassee don’t have far to look. Funky cultural centers such as Railroad Square Art Park with its First Friday Gallery Hop lend artistic ambiance to this Florida city.

Cultural events are held year-round at LeMoyne Center for the Visual Arts, so be sure to check their schedule before making your trip. You might also check the concert calendar at Tallahassee-Leon Civic Center and on campus at Florida State, where top name performers often appear.

The cultural attractions of Tallahassee go beyond the arts to explore the contributions of the many ethnic groups who helped to build the city. Make a stop at John Gilmore Riley Center to learn how African Americans have had tremendous impact on Florida history. You might also want to visit Mission San Luis for a fascinating living lesson on early Florida.

Finish your tour of Tallahassee with a day at the Museum of Florida History, including a stop at the Museum’s 1840s Knott House, a living history installation.

Would it surprise you to know these are just a small bite of the rich banquet of attractions in the Tallahassee area? Add to that an impressive collection of RV campgrounds in the Tallahassee area, and you have the makings of a marvelous vacation. Come soon and stay as long as you can; Tallahassee is waiting to welcome you.

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