RV Camping in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Almost two hundred miles of deep, blue water ringed by breathtaking red rock spires and mysterious slot canyons. Does that thought start your photographer’s heart thumping? If it does, make plans to visit Glen Canyon National Recreation Area by RV. You’ll be treated to astonishing views around every turn in the road (or on the water) at this vast National Park Service site which stretches from Utah to Arizona.

Here’s a quick trip through the top reasons for RV camping in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

    1. Scenery! The images your mind and camera will store from your RV adventures at Glen Canyon NRA will be unforgettable. Lake Powell, the major waterway formed by Glen Canyon Dam, cuts a path through redrock canyons, into remote desert channels and beneath “hanging gardens.”The surrounding area is a hiker’s wonderland, if you don’t mind being truly away from it all. Trails loop, climb and scale slot canyons, rocky buttes and lakeside greenery. If you prefer driving through this enormous outdoor playground, don’t miss Smoky Mountain Road. It is the perfect scenic drive to experience Glen Canyon NRA’s stunning visual impact.And if time allows, be sure to drive over “new” Navajo Bridge, linking Utah to Arizona, and take a thrilling walk over the canyon on the older bridge, now limited to pedestrians. Be sure to stop at the visitor center on the Navajo Nation side of the bridge for more insight into Native American art and culture.
    2. History! Visitors will also enjoy learning about the construction of the dam that made Lake Powell possible. Glen Canyon dam tours are available year-round. You’ll also find a wealth of area historical and geological information at NPS Visitor Centers around the lake. Even more fascinating area lore can be learned at sites like Hole in the Rock, where Mormon settlers broke through thick layers of rock to create a passable trail for their party.
    3. Lake Powell! The scenic waterways of Lake Powell draw millions of boaters each year. Whether you’re hoping to enjoy great skiing, fishing or cruising the shoreline hoping for the perfect sunset photo, Lake Powell delivers. It isn’t even necessary that you pull a boat behind your RV, as boat rentals abound at area marinas. Boat access is possible at widely-ranging points, so plan your trip accordingly. Here’s a link to information on Lake Powell Marinas to help you get started.
    4. The RV Camping! Despite the remoteness of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, and the distance between lakeside towns, there are comfortable RV campgrounds available. The National Park Service operates a no-hookups campground at Lee’s Ferry, just across the border in Arizona. A private firm operates three additional RV campgrounds within Glen Canyon NRA at Wahweap Bay on the Utah/Arizona line, and at Bullfrog and Hall’s Crossing, farther north.

These are just four of the reasons nature lovers, photographers and RV campers should be planning a trip to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. It’s unlike any other place in America, and one that’s well worth an extended RV stay getting to know its outdoor wonders and historical significance.

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  1. Sherry Lousberg says:

    Is there any restriction on Alt. 89 or 89 when crossing the dam for recreational vehicles?

  2. daniel Belec says:

    Will be on vacation at Lake Powel in mid october this year, will be in a rented 27 foot RV would like information for camping.
    Thank you.

  3. Monty says:

    Click on this link to discover camping in the Lake Powell area: http://www.lakepowell.com/rv-and-camping.aspx Thanks for you interest! Have a wonderful vacation! #love2RV

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