RV Camping Trip to Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area

Whether you hope to hike through hardwood forests in their Autumn splendor or splash in a summer swimming hole, Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area in South Carolina is worthy of an extended RV camping trip. All it takes is a little planning and a yen to see the glory of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Twin Treasures at Mountain Bridge
One reason this pristine wilderness area near the North Carolina border is enduringly popular is that it offers visitors two state parks to explore. Caesars Head and Jones Gap State Parks were combined to form Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area, displaying more than ten thousand acres of Blue Ridge Mountain beauty.

But what to do once you get there? Within the state parks, hikers will find some of the best trails in the Southeast. Controlled entry to the trailheads at Caesars Head adds the bonus of enjoying sparsely populated trails. From ten-mile Pinnacle Pass trail to short jaunts like the Coldspring Connector, the trails of Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area range from challenging hike to a casual stroll. By the way, be sure to register with the park office before you hike; the dense forests and sudden changes in altitude can confuse even the most experienced hiker.

What can you expect to see as you climb the mountain trails within this wilderness? Here are some of the favorite sights reported by visitors:

  • Waterfalls! Unbelievably beautiful falls can be found in Caesars Head State Park, in particular. Don’t miss Raven Cliff Falls, where clear, cold Matthews Creek rushes more than four hundred feet down granite cliffs. Hike to the suspension bridge over the falls, or the trail to the overlook directly across the gorge. Vacation photo tip: fall foliage makes an especially stunning setting for your South Carolina waterfall photos.
  • Hawks! Each autumn, HawkWatch volunteers gather at Caesars Head State Park to count the hundreds of hawks, eagles and other raptors who gather there. Be sure to hike to one of the granite outposts high above the park to watch these birds in action.
  • Mountain Vistas! The rugged beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains will stir the most world-weary RV traveler. Treat yourself to the sight of hardwood forests marching past granite boulders on a dramatic three-thousand-foot drop to the valleys below.

There aren’t adequate words to describe the peaceful splendor of Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area. No matter the season, there are sights there that should be seen at least once in a lifetime. Combining convenient RV camping with the chance to roam in the forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains makes an RV trip to Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area a “must do.”

RV Camping Near Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area
Although no RV camping is allowed within the Wilderness Area itself, there are several comfortable RV campgrounds nearby. Greenville, SC, just a scenic thirty-minute drive away, is home to Paris Mountain State Park, where well-planned RV sites are tucked into picturesque surroundings.

Even closer to the Wilderness Area, RV travelers will find themselves surrounded by forests and mountain streams at Valley Park RV Resort in Travelers Rest, SC. One more possibility, just across the North Carolina line at Cedar Mountain, is Black Forest Family Camping Resort.

Choose a campground to come home to after a long day of hiking, fishing or simply walking the trails with camera at the ready. South Carolina’s Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area promises RV campers unforgettable scenery, no matter what the season. Get back to nature soon with a trip to this Blue Ridge Mountains treasure.

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