Top Ways to Cut RV Travel Expenses

While RV trips are typically less expensive than traditional vacations by up to 74% (see: RV Vacations Are Least Expensive, Study Finds), there are still many things that you can do to keep the cost of your RV vacation down.

Rent Your RV Rather Than Buy

If you only take a week or two for your RV Vacation every year, it may end up being more economical to rent an RV rather than purchase one. Also remember to pick the RV that is sized right for your needs. There is no need for a big Class A motorhome if a smaller Class C will adequately meet your needs.

Travel During the Off Season

If you are not beholden to a school schedule than seriously consider traveling in the off-season to get better rates (both in rentals and campgrounds). Obviously, depending on the season, your destinations may be limited to the “sunshine states” – but there is nothing wrong with escaping the winter blues with an RV vacation to Arizona.

Shop Around for Campgrounds

Campground rates can and do vary considerably. Take the time to shop around. Also don’t forget to investigate the campgrounds on public lands. Check out the State Parks in your destination state as well as for campgrounds on Federal land.

Park for Free

When traveling to and from your destination, there are many places where you can park overnight that cost little or nothing. Often times public lands have free RV parking in campgrounds with no amenities. Many Walmarts allow free overnight parking (see: WAL-MARTS BY STATE). Some other resources to check when looking for free overnight stays with your RV:  Free Campgrounds for RVs

Longer Stay for Lower Price

Some campgrounds offer discounts for extended stays. It never hurts to ask…

Use Your RV’s Kitchen

While on vacation it is always fun to eat out, do make sure to make use of the kitchen in your RV to keep eating costs down. Even if your are only eating breakfast and lunch in the RV, it will still help to keep meal costs down.

Check for Discounts

There are many discounts that are common for both RV rentals as well as campgrounds. Discounts to check for include:

  • Discount for active duty military
  • AAA discount
  • AARP discount
  • Senior Citizen’s Discount

With these tips in hand, you should be able to keep RV vacations expensed down.

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  1. Kirsten N says:

    Yes I agree, if you’re only going to need an RV once in a while it’s better to just rent unless you travel a lot, buying one is better if you can afford it. Like me I can’t afford one and we just travel for just 1 to 2 times a year, renting an RV is good for us.

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