RV Camping to the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania

Looking for another great Pennsylvania camping destination? RV camping to the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania delivers scenic views, abundant campsites and a whole new impression of the Keystone State.

This scenic marvel in the area known as the “Pennsylvania Wilds” is blessed with well-planned state parks on both rims. Leonard Harrison State Park on the east rim offers more than five hundred acres of outdoor recreation possibilities. Campgrounds in and around this park make it the perfect place for an RV camping adventure. Colton Point State Park on the west rim consists of four hundred rustic acres crisscrossed with challenging hiking trails.

The Canyon itself (also known as Pine Creek Gorge) is a thickly-forested wonderland popular not just with hikers but also wildlife watchers, nature photographers and fishing buffs willing to hike a bit to find the good spots. Springtime canoe trips through the Canyon along Pine Creek are another perennial hit. At forty-seven miles long with a view fourteen hundred and fifty feet down at its deepest point, it goes without saying the gorge’s scenery is spectacular!

An abundance of hardwood trees in the area makes it a very popular destination for fall “leafpeepers”. Book a campsite for late September or early October and you’ll be rewarded with unforgettably colorful vistas. And you needn’t be capable of strenuous hiking to enjoy the scenery. Overlooks at both state parks supply a panoramic view of an eight-hundred feet deep section of the gorge.

How to get to this North Central Pennsylvania attraction? It’s an easy two hour drive from State College via I-80/US220, then PA state roads. It’s also about a two hour trip from Kingston, PA in the Wilkes-Barre area.

Once you’ve arrived, you’ll want to find your campground and make it your home base for your outdoor adventures. Here are just three of the many RV campgrounds in the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania area:

  • Canyon Country Campground on the east rim in Wellsboro, PA is just steps away from memorable scenic overlooks.
  • Stony Fork Creek Campground, also in Wellsboro, offers easy access to Canyon overlooks and free shuttle service to nearby Pine Creek Rail Trail.
  • Kearses Campground, near Gaines, PA on the west rim, is walking distance to Pine Creek fishing.

Why not visit North Central Pennsylvania this year and find out why RV campers rate it high for return vacations? Tioga County has created a colorful tourism website packed with photos, helpful links and plenty of information about the area. Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon is a wonderful place to experience the state’s scenic beauty. Add it to your “must-see” list as you plan your future RV camping adventures.

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