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From Pop Warner to NFL, football is one sport that inspires obsession in its fans. They’ll travel long distances, sit through freezing temperatures and dress in outrageous costumes, just to show loyalty for their favorite teams. One thing they really go all out for is RV tailgating. You won’t believe some of the things that football fans cook when they’ve got an assist from a well-equipped RV.

RV Tailgating Recipes
The things hardcore tailgating fans eat before the big game usually have their roots in the region’s culture. In the Southeast, for example, football stadium parking lots may be the place to find outstanding seafood on the grill or a pot of jambalaya heating up. Travel to the West Coast, and you might share fish tacos or stuffed jalapennos with your fellow RV tailgating fans.

The possibilities for tailgate party cuisine are endless, especially with the convenience of an RV kitchen. With today’s first-rate RV appliances, you can prep, bake and boil to your heart’s content while the tailgaters in the next parking space struggle to light their grill.

Here are some perennial favorites to prepare on game day, but feel free to add your own special touches. Make note of what makes your football fans cheer, so you’ll be ready for next season.

  • Create a burger bar grill side and add condiments and sides that express your culinary flair (think goat cheese crumbles, homemade pickles and Vidalia onion rings).
  • Thrill seafood fans by boiling shrimp, grilling salmon or pan frying catfish nuggets. Add your signature seafood sauce and big pans of hushpuppies and slaw, and you’ve got a touchdown on your hands.
  • Beat the heat at warm weather games with cool pasta, fruit and vegetable salads. Marinate steaks overnight in a teriyaki, green onion and garlic mixture and throw them on the grill just before you’re ready to serve.
  • Hollow the centers of portabellos and fill them with chopped crabmeat, goat cheese and diced red pepper. A few minutes grilled on a piece of foil and you’ve got a side dish your friends will line up for.
  • Create a sausage smorgasbord by grilling brats, Italian sausages and kielbasa. Add grilled green pepper and onion slices, sauerkraut and several varieties of mustard to an assortment of hearty rolls for an unforgettable RV tailgating party.
  • Don’t forget the desserts! Cookies, brownies, fruit kabobs or hot apple turnovers…there’s no limit to the sweet endings you can create for your tailgate parties. Just remember to keep them easy-to-eat and be sure to make plenty to share.

And we haven’t even talked about special tailgating beverages. Depending on your preferences (and your favorite stadium’s policies) you can prepare crowd-pleasing drinks with or without alcohol. Share a washtub full of cold beers with your crowd, mix up a pitcher of sweet tea or brew a big pot of coffee to fend off the chill of a snowy day. Find a drink to match your menu and you’ll soon have your own cheering section!

There’s plenty of time to plan next season’s RV tailgating menus. Check websites like and for even more recipe ideas. Test drive new recipes to make sure they’re winners before you roll up to the stadium. With a little practice, you’ll soon have your fan club cheering you on each time you start game day with your RV tailgating specialties

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