We’re Rewarding Your Loyalty with Monty Perks!

The loyalty of our long-term customers has helped build El Monte RV into one of America’s largest RV rental companies. We’re returning the favor by rewarding your loyalty with a great new program called “Monty Perks!”

This easy-to-earn, easy-to-redeem rewards program allows our customers to earn points for showing their loyalty in several ways. Not only do you earn points each time you rent an RV, we’ll reward you just for being a fan! Here are seven ways to earn points redeemable for free days/mileage on RV rentals:

  1. Each night rented = 100 points
  2. New account signup = 300 points
  3. Follow us on Facebook = 50 points
  4. Follow us on Twitter = 50 points
  5. Monthly Newsletter Signup = 100 points
  6. Responding to Survey Questions = varies

Exciting, isn’t it? Now you not only will you be renting a luxurious RV from one of our locations nationwide, you’ll also be earning points for each night rented and for keeping up with our rental specials and travel information.

In case you’re wondering what rewards those points can earn, here’s the scoop:

  • For each 1,000 points earned, you receive 500 free miles on an RV rental
  • For each 2,000 points earned, you receive 1,000 free miles on an RV rental
  • You can also redeem 2,000 points earned for a free day of RV rental

As we mentioned, this is one easy-to-redeem loyalty points program. All you need to do is log into your account and print the reward certificate earned. The certificate is then presented to the El Monte RV Rentals counter agent when you pick up your RV. It’s that simple! Your points never expire and they’re good at all of our locations.

Ready to start earning points? Go to El Monte RV Monty Perks and create your account. (Make sure you include a valid email address.) Then all you have to do to earn points is to take advantage of our great RV rental rates when you’re ready to travel. Once again, we appreciate your loyalty!

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