RVing in Florida Offers A Range of Possibilities

Other than the Rockies or Sonoran desert, you can pretty much find any type of RVing option you’d like within the state of Florida. Many don’t think of the Sunshine State as having a diversity of environments, but in reality, it does.

And while I’m not strictly speaking in terms of natural wonders – no Rockies, cactus, or midwestern prairies, you will find forests, rivers, lakes, beaches, theme parks, race tracks, and even a wetland or two.

See, diversity…

So where should we begin? Lets make a north to south sweep of just some of the RVing choices, and you decide which environment is most appealing.

St. Augustine, in Florida’s northeast corner and roughly 40 miles from Jacksonville, is known for its historic foundation on the American shores of this “new world”. You’ll be able to view an historic fort, walk the generations old streets, and enjoy beaches first crossed by European explorers on your St. Augustine RV visit.

From the state park at Faver-Dykes, where a winding river and towering trees filled with local wildlife offer up fishing, canoeing, and more, to the family owned campground and fishing resort, where trees and the beautiful St. Johns River create a rustic background to your visit. From the beach front stroll to the tidal salt marsh of Anastasia State Park to a Stagecoach mere miles from the historic area, you’re sure to find a setting that feels both welcoming and inspiring.

For more on the St. Augustine area and RVing options, visit the Accomodations/Camping/ page of the St. Augustine Ponte Vedra & The Beaches, Florida website.

Pensacola, home of the Navy’s Blue Angel’s, great beaches, and plenty of history is a sure-fire, high energy, laid-back, sunset watching kind of spot.

This is Florida’s panhandle. Pensacola and its surrounding area offer a range of activities, budget sizes and outdoor activities to choose from, there are plenty of chances to tempt your tastes and peak your interests. The RVing is one of the options as well.

Cruise a river through the tall trees of the backcountry. Kayak, fish, hike, spot protected native species, swim, and explore. Discover America’s history, watch the Blue Angels, touch America in a way you never expected you’d find along the Gulf shores of Florida.

For more on the Pensacola area and its RV options, visit the camping page of their tourism site.

Daytona, known for one thing: speed. NASCAR has put this sandy little town on the map. Along with the main attraction – NASCAR racing – one can visit the Daytona International Speedway year round for its “experience”.

With plenty of other things to do in the area, Daytona isn’t necessarily just for speed, its just an awesome part of it. But there are things such as beaches, shopping, great food, and you’re not too far from the Kennedy Space Center. This is the eastern edge of Florida, and its a great RVing and travel destination.

For more on Daytona and RVing options, visit the Daytona International Speedway page or the Daytona Beach, Florida visitors site.

Walt Disney World & Fort Wilderness Resort. Let’s face it, no discussion of RVing in Florida would be complete without a look at Disney’s Fort Wilderness. One of the “original 3” resorts at the Disney complex, its still one of the most popular. No matter the time of year, people who stay here are friendly, loving the Mouse and his house, and are ready to not only enjoy their RVing experience, but the world of Disney as well.

Set in the heart of the WDW resort, campsites at Fort Wilderness are fully equipped, and only a boat ride away from all the magic. One of Disney & Florida’s best known and most beloved dinner shows has its home right here; the Hoop De Doo Review.

For more on Disney’s Fort Wilderness, and all you need to know about a Walt Disney World vacation, please visit the Fort Wilderness Resort website.

The Everglades. One of the most unique environments on earth, your stay in the Glades can last a few hours or several days. “Civilization” can be found on either end in either Miami to the east http://www.miamiandbeaches.com/Index.asp or Naples to the west, but in the heart of it all is the Glades.

Fishing, boating, air boat tours, wildlife watching are all apart of a Glades adventure. Whether stepping into the heart of the Glades or staying on the edges, whether searching for its rich native history, or seeking those illusive creatures that call this environ home, there is plenty to do.

For more on Everglades RVing, visit these sites: Lake Okeechobee Outpost, Miami Everglades, Everglades Holiday.

And don’t miss the Monty’s Musings – RV Travel Blog article: RV Camping to Everglades National Park.

Florida Keys. Capping off our RVing tour of Florida, we end at its end; the Florida Keys. Like a tail on a tiger, the Florida Keys are a range of energy, excitement, and power. They’re a lazy day under the sun, a pouncing delight, a delicious way to cap off a tasty adventure.

At the northern end, Key Largo with the excitement of diving John Pennecamp Coral Reef State Park and the awe-inspiring Statue of Christ of the Abyss, where fish of many colors and coral in an array of patterns live and play. Islamorada and its world renown fishing, attracting fishermen and presidents for generations. Marathon at the middle, home of the Great American Road’s 7-Mile Bridge and close by, Dolphin Research Center. Big Pine Key and its natural, laid-back, less crowds, more natural kinda place. And Key West. The cap of America. Where being who you are and doing what you do isn’t a “thing,” its away of life.

These are the Florida Keys, and I’ve barely tapped the surface of this watery abyss of fun. Not only an amazingly fun and adventurous, romantic, family friendly or interesting place to visit, but an RVer’s delight.

For more on the Florida Keys and Key West, and RVing along the Keys, please visit the tourism website Florida Keys & Key West.

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