RV Vacation to Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake, Oregon

Hoping to take a unique RV camping trip this summer? Crater Lake National Park in southern Oregon is sure to surprise and delight your motorhome camping crew. We mention going in summer because this picturesque park emerges from a deep blanket of snow only briefly each year, from late June to September. If you’re one of the fortunate ones to experience the mystery and majesty of Crater Lake in summertime, you won’t soon forget the trip.

One of the strongest memories you’re likely to have of this National Park is of the brilliantly blue water in Crater Lake. Impossibly deep, the lake is also home to two small islands formed by volcanic cinder cones. Park visitors who’d like to enjoy all that beauty from the comfort of their vehicles can make the Rim Drive for incredibly scenic views.

If your vacation dreams include strenuous hiking, Crater Lake National Park is your ideal destination. The rocky cliffs and slopes surrounding Crater Lake make this Park an interesting challenge for climbers and hikers.  One of the favorite hikes is down to Cleetwood Cove on the lakeshore for a swim. Cleetwood Trail is only a little over one mile long, but hiking at an eleven percent grade isn’t for everyone. This challenging hike is the only way to reach the lakeshore, but it’s well worth the effort.

You can also take an excursion by boat around the perimeter of the volcanic crater, if you’re up to hiking the Cleetwood Trail down to the Cove. A private concessioner runs these boat tours, as well as exciting side trips to Wizard Island and Phantom Ship, that rocky outcrop that eerily resembles a ship in misty weather.

But don’t despair if you’re not up to a strenuous physical challenge! Park rangers provide fascinating glimpses into Crater Lake and the surrounding Cascade Mountains during regularly scheduled presentations throughout the Park. Visitors report that the evening programs at Mazama Campground Amphitheater are especially interesting.

And while we’re talking about campgrounds, let’s review your RV camping choices near Crater Lake National Park. Xanterra Parks & Resorts currently manages lodging within the park, and half of the more than two hundred campsites at Mazama Village Campground are reservable. This beautiful campground is just seven miles from the crater rim.

Another wonderful RV campground just twenty-five miles south of Crater Lake NP is Crater Lake Resort on Fort Creek. Owners (or renters!) or smaller RVs should also take a look at Jo’s Motel and Campground, where you’ll be treated to an organic grocery and deli just six miles from the National Park.

Find out why avid RV campers can’t stay away from Crater Lake National Park. Soak up the southern Oregon sun. Climb a trail down a cinder cone and put your toes in the deep blue waters of Crater Lake. Hike through old growth forests and experience peace and quiet in big gulps. All that and more are waiting for you at Crater Lake National Park. Isn’t it time you paid a visit?

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