National Park Service / U.S. Forest Service

The National Park Service manages 392 properties of various designations. Most famous are the National Parks, but, majestic as they are, they only comprise 58 of the sites managed by the National Park Service. Following is a list of the various site designations managed by the Park Service with the number of sites listed in parenthesis.

  • National Historical Park, National Historic Site, and International Historic Site  (123)
  • National Monument  (74)
  • National Park  (58)
  • National Memorial  (28)
  • National Military Park, National Battlefield Park, National Battlefield Site, and National Battlefield  (24)
  • National Preserve and National Reserve  (20)
  • National Recreation Area  (18)
  • National River and National Wild and Scenic River and Riverway  (15)
  • Other Designations (White House, National Mall, etc.)  (11)
  • National Seashore  (10)
  • National Lakeshore  (4)
  • National Parkway  (4)
  • National Scenic Trail  (3)

In addition, the United States Forest Service, part of the United States Department of Agriculture, administers public lands as well:

  • National Forests (155)
  • National Grasslands (20)

In total, they manage more than 278 million acres of public land.

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