RV Camping America’s Southwest National Parks Itinerary 1

Itinerary 1: Albuquerque to Ramah, New Mexico

Petroglyph National Monument, located just west of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a fascinating start to this Southwest National Parks itinerary. Hundreds of ancient carvings or “petroglyphs” are visible along the trails that snake through canyons, volcanic cinder cones and Pueblo ruins.

Plan to spend enough time to take more than one trail from start to finish. Not only will you leave knowing more about the ancient Pueblo tribes, you’ll also be treated to views of the Sandia Mountains and the Rio Grande Valley. There’s no camping allowed inside the Monument, but Albuquerque has abundant RV parks waiting for your reservations.

El Malpais National Monument

El Malpais National Monument

When you’re ready for more National Parks RV camping adventures, head southwest of Albuquerque to El Malpais National Monument. This unforgettable Park features lava tube caves, cinder cones and other volcanic formations to experience from its trails and scenic overlooks. The Bureau of Land Management runs a campground onsite, and there are numerous RV campgrounds in nearby Grants, New Mexico.

Don’t leave the region without making the forty-two mile drive farther west to Morro National Monument. This ancient watering hole near Ramah, NM preserves the carvings and other evidence of ancient Pueblans, seventeenth century Spanish explorers and later Anglo settlers. Hike the trails or just spend an afternoon in the visitor’s center; you’ll leave with a deeper respect for America’s early inhabitants.

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