Planning for Winter RV Camping

When cold weather comes, RV camping fans have two choices, either head for warm weather destinations or find RV campgrounds that are open year-round. The warm weather possibilities are, of course, almost endless – beach front camping in Florida and California or desert adventures in Arizona, just to name a few. If you choose cold weather camping, be sure to follow these tips for making your winter RV camping trip enjoyable.

What Do You Enjoy Doing?
Just as you would when you’re planning a summer RV camping vacation, plan your winter trip around activities you’ll enjoy. The journey may be a big part of the adventure, especially in the comfort of an RV, but you’ll probably want to do more than just park by a lake and sit.

Start by searching sites such as GoCampingAmerica for campgrounds in your destination area. Next, check to see if they’re open in winter. More and more RV campgrounds are staying open year-round and offer special cold weather camping rates.

If you’re active, check state and national parks for nearby hiking trails accessible in winter. Many ski areas also have adjacent RV campgrounds. Snowmobiling families often report how cozy cocoa in an RV kitchen can be.

Learn what wildlife species will be visible in cold weather and don’t forget your binoculars! Natural landscapes can be spectacular, even when the leaves are gone, so take along a camera to capture their winter beauty.

Learn the Rules of Winter Motorhome Camping
If you own an RV, you’re probably familiar with the rules for camping in cold weather. For example, RV manufacturers suggest filling the water system with special RV antifreeze to prevent ice damage, and using bottled water for drinking and cooking, instead.

You should also be cautious about driving in snow or ice, especially in mountain regions. A weather radio onboard will keep you up-to-date on changing weather conditions. Finally, make sure you know how to safely heat your RV.

If you’re renting an RV for your adventure, familiarize yourself with the rental vendor’s rules for cold weather camping. Most RV sales and rental companies have complete instructions available, but be sure to ask if you’re unsure. By learning how to treat an RV kindly in cold weather, you can minimize risk and enjoy your trip more.

What Are You Waiting For?
Winter motorhome camping is a fantastic way to get closer to nature, no matter what the season. Watching the sunrise in a winter sky can be every bit as inspiring as sunshine glinting on warm waters. Uncrowded campgrounds and peaceful days only add to the appeal of winter RV camping.

If cold weather has you ready to climb the walls, why not try your hand at winter camping? Learn the rules for treating your RV right in cold weather. Plan your trip around appealing activities and look for campgrounds equipped for year-round comfort. With a little planning, you may find yourself longing for winter next year!

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    RVs definitely make winter camping bearable and more fun. Aren’t motorhome an amazing invention? Thanks for the nice post.

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