RV Road Trip Idea: Relic Hunting

Want to take your family on a road trip that can yield historic treasures? Many RV campers have learned the joys of relic hunting while on a road trip. Let’s look at some ways you can build modern-day treasure hunting into your family’s next RV camping expedition.

RV Relic Hunting: How to Get Started
There’s actually a large network of folks in the US who take relic hunting very seriously. They often call themselves “detectorists” and they start with a simple metal detector and some good up front research. One of the best sites devoted to this type of activity is AmericanDigger.com.

This group can teach you the do’s and don’ts of relic hunting – things like how to get permission to hunt relics on private land. They can also point you to the most fertile areas for relic hunting. Many of those hunting sites are based around historical events, such as Civil War battles, although National Parks Service sites are not open for relic hunting. With a little luck, you can find relics such as buttons, coins and other historical artifacts from times long past.

To tie your hunt into your RV camping trip, start with a great motorhome. Look through the information below, and then look at our Where You Can Rent an RV page to find an RV rental, if you need one.

RV Relic Hunting: Where to Hunt
Here are some ideas for getting started on your relic hunting RV trip:

  • Make a list of people you know personally in other states who own “historic” land such as old homesteads, commercial property where a historic building has been removed, etc.
  • Research property adjacent to historic sites such as riverboat landings, ghost towns and battlefields
  • Contact those people and ask permission to hunt for relics on their property. Explain what you’ll be doing, and offer to make them part of your hunting expedition.
  • Set rules for your group about non-destructive ways to find relics, for example, not removing plants or trees and filling in any holes dug (with the owner’s permission, of course!)

If you aren’t personally connected to someone who owns searchable land, here are websites with ideas for finding a place to hunt:

As you begin finding relic hunting organizations online, you’ll learn they have organized relic hunts on land they either lease for that purpose or have the permission of the owners. Scheduling an RV camping vacation around this kind of event, or even one of the competitive events they sponsor, makes for a great trip.

Make up your mind where you and your group would like to search for treasure, and then start plotting which campgrounds are closest to the relic hunt area. For assistance finding a nearby campground, click our rv campground pages. Relic hunting is a natural activity for avid RV campers, so do your research and get ready to search for treasure!

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