RV Camping to Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park

Hoping to find a place you can take your entire family on vacation this year? We want to put in our bid for an RV camping trip to Everglades National Park.   The world-famous “Sea of Grass” covers more than a million acres and it promises fascinating activities for everyone in your group.

When you visit South Florida’s Everglades, you’ll find them home to an incredible array of plant and wildlife species. Frogs, toads, salamanders and, of course, alligators, are just a few of the species to be seen on a tour through this Park. Nature lovers will also find subtropical species of plants everywhere they look, side-by-side with ancient stands of cypress trees and pine forests.

Whether your family likes boating, hiking, biking or just plain sightseeing, you can’t go wrong visiting the Everglades. Hundreds of miles of trails wind through widely-varied habitats that will definitely keep your cameras clicking.

Here are our top picks for ways to experience the Everglades:

  • Airboat Ride: Numerous airboat tour vendors up and down the Everglades offer thrilling airboat tours. Skip across grass and water and get to know Everglades wildlife up close and personal.
  • Canoe/Kayak Tour: Boat rental concessions within the Park can supply a canoe or kayak to adventurous RV campers. One note: navigating through the Everglades in this way is best left to experienced boaters.
  • Tram Tour: If you’d like to let someone else drive as you explore the Everglades, Shark Valley Tram Tours is a great choice. Not only do they provide comfortable transportation, they also stop along the route to allow you time to experience nature for yourself.
  • Bike Trails: Well-marked bike trails throughout the Everglades allow active visitors a chance to enjoy the Park even more. One favorite trail reported by our customers is the fifteen-mile loop near the Shark Valley Observation Tower.

RV Camping Inside the Park
Inside Everglades National Park are two campgrounds that can accommodate RV campers. Long Pine Key Campground is a large first-come, first-served campground adjacent to hiking and biking trails. Flamingo Campground isn’t full service, but does have campsites near the water. If you’re planning to camp here, be sure to use the link to make reservations.

RV Camping Outside the Park
Miami Everglades Campground is a wonderful place to come home to after a day spent in the Everglades. Ten miles from Everglades National Park, this campground offers a large swimming pool, hiking and biking trails and full-service RV campsites that help keep your stay comfortable.

The kids will also love camping among the palm trees at Everglades Holiday Park. This campground offers comfortable campsites on Fort Lauderdale’s west side, just minutes away from the Everglades.

One more fascinating possibility is Chokoloskee Island Park, three miles from Everglades City. Right in the heart of Everglades life, this is the perfect RV camping spot for avid fishermen. Whether you plan to kayak, fish or bike your way through the Everglades, this park is an ideal starting point.

Every motorhome camper should experience the mystery of Florida’s Everglades National Park at least once. With so many miles to explore and an awesome abundance of wildlife, there’s no way to stay bored once you’re there.

Our Miami, Florida El Monte RV Rentals office is standing by to help you choose a comfortable motorhome for your stay. Head for the Everglades, so you can finally hear your family say, “Let’s come back here next year!”

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