Gemstone Hunting RV Camping Ideas in Connecticut

For a fantastic northeastern gem hunting experience, plan some motorhome camping time in Connecticut. There are numerous old and currently operating mine sites that allow prospecting.

If you choose Connecticut for your next RV camping and prospecting trip, definitely do some research on the Roxbury Falls area, where some of the world’s best almandine garnets have been mined. Start at Green’s Farm Garnet Mine near Roxbury. This former mine site still yields deep red garnets.

Another easy place to prospect in Connecticut is Old Mine Park in Trumbull. The Park Rangers can guide you to a construction site where topaz, beryl and an interesting form of emerald are being found.

These are only a few of the gem fee mining sites that can spark an entire RV camping vacation. Whether you find yourself hunting Herkimer Diamonds in New York, or digging for sapphires in Montana, it’s a great way to spend time out in the wild with your family. Dig some more for fee mining sites in America, and prospecting is liable to become your favorite motorhome camping activity!

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