Great RV Camping Idea: Exploring New Mexico Ghost Towns

The Land of Enchantment may also be the Land of Haunted Places, if you’re really into ghost towns. We knew you wouldn’t want to miss the many ghost towns of New Mexico, so we’ve put together a list of places RV campers will want to go.

Northern New Mexico Ghost Towns
Glorieta: East of Santa Fe is a fascinating place called Glorieta. The Civil War battle that ended the Confederate threat in New Mexico took place nearby in La Glorieta Pass. Within a few years, a village grew where the railroad came through the Pass and Glorieta was born. Numerous businesses operate in Glorieta to serve the tourists who come to see the original 1870s buildings.

Western New Mexico Ghost Towns
Horse Springs: This former ranching center sits just off Hwy 12 in western New Mexico. A large natural spring for which the town was named drew ranchers to the area but didn’t make up for the poor soil, so Horse Springs was soon no more.

Aragon/Fort Tularosa: The former Fort no longer exists, but you’ll find signs of the early settlement as well as a few modern-day residents.

Eastern New Mexico Ghost Towns
La Lande: Interesting stucco ruins rise up in the desert of eastern New Mexico on the site of La Lande, a failed farming village.

De Baca: Farther west on Hwy 60, you can explore several abandoned homes and businesses at De Baca, another small town that faded when farmers failed to make a living.

Southern New Mexico Ghost Towns
Brice: Just north of Orogrande in southern New Mexico visit Brice, where visitors will find a cemetery and the remnants of a turquoise mining settlement.

With so many ghost towns to explore and great RV parks to settle into, New Mexico presents real possibilities for RV campers who love the unusual. Start your trip with a call to El Monte RV.  Our friendly staff will help you reserve a luxurious motorhome to keep you comfortable on your trip. Happy ghost hunting!

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