Gemstone Hunting RV Camping Ideas in California

There are so many possibilities for mining gem-rich ore in California. A popular stop for gem lovers hoping to find green or pink California tourmaline is the world famous Himalaya Mine near Santa Ysabel in San Diego County. Prospectors can purchase buckets of gem ore to screen onsite with equipment furnished by the Mine. Lake Henshaw Resort, adjacent to the Mine, is a beautiful site for RV camping, lake fishing and plenty of hiking in the foothills of the Palomar Mountains.

Another real gem for RV camping prospectors is found right in the same county! Oceanview Mine in Pala, California charges a set fee that allows gem hunters to screen fresh, unprospected mine tailings all day long. Recent visitor finds include aquamarine and many colors of tourmaline.

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About two hours southwest of Fresno, screen for benitoite, California’s state gem. The California State Gem Mine near Coalinga is open most weekends to prospectors. Dry camp your RV at nearby Los Gatos Creek County Park and spend the day sifting mine tailings near where a fabulous 34 carat rough benitoite was recently found!

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