Fantastic RV Road Trip Idea: Seattle to Anchorage!

We have just heard about a super RV road trip idea and wanted to pass it along to our readers. If you’re ready for the ultimate RV journey, plan a road trip from Seattle, Washington to Anchorage, Alaska! Does that idea have you running to pack your bags? Here’s the scoop on how to travel by RV from Washington to Alaska.

Washington/Alaska Road Trip Itinerary
The drive from Seattle to Anchorage is about 2400 miles one-way. Obviously, you should set aside two or three weeks to mosey up the road to Alaska with time to enjoy the sights along the way.

The first leg of our suggested itinerary takes you from Seattle through Bellingham to Vancouver, British Columbia. For an incredibly scenic side trip, detour to Hwy 11 from Burlington to Bellingham. Not only will you look out over the San Juan Islands, you’ll also see some of the most fertile farmland, orchards and vineyards in the Northwest.

Head north from Bellingham to Vancouver, BC. The most popular place to cross into Canada is the Peace Arch/Blaine Border Crossing. American RV travelers will need a passport to enter Canada.

Plan to stop in Vancouver to visit Vancouver Lookout, a twenty-eighth floor observation deck at the top of the city’s Harbour Centre. You’ll find a thriving arts community in Vancouver, and this fascinating BC city also boasts mountains, ocean and river views!

If you’re ready to stop for the night, Burnaby Cariboo RV Park in Vancouver sits on the shores of Burnaby Lake.

Once you leave Vancouver for the next leg of your RV camping adventure, get ready for the great outdoors! We’re headed now for one of three destinations –

  1. Prince Rupert, where you can drive your RV right onto one of the famous Inside Passage Ferries for the rest of the trip to Homer, Alaska, a short jaunt in your RV from Anchorage. Travel west from Prince George, BC on Hwy 16 to Prince Rupert to follow this route. RV campers recommend Prince Rupert RV Campground (have your camera ready for deer right next door!)
  2. North from Prince George along the Alaska Highway (PDF) to White Horse and, finally, Anchorage. This route takes you along the eastern edge of British Columbia. You will definitely experience the vastness of both BC and Alaska if you choose this route. Wide valleys, mountains, and rivers rushing through canyons are standard fare along the “Alcan.” RV campgrounds along the way include Tok RV Village in Tok, AK and Pioneer RV Camp in Whitehorse, AK.
  3. Along the Stewart-Cassier Highway (Hwy 37) from Prince George, BC to the Alaskan border, then on to White Horse and Anchorage on the Alcan. I’m told this route is absolutely spectacular, winding past glaciers, deep mountain valleys and rivers full of salmon.

Once in Anchorage, you’ll find a thriving city of about two hundred thousand people. Don’t miss visiting the Alaska Native Heritage Center, Earthquake Park and the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, where you’ll see both mountain and ocean views as you hike or bike.

No matter which route you choose to travel by RV from Seattle to Anchorage, remember to fill your gas tanks whenever you have the opportunity. Also, plan ahead for emergencies, as services aren’t available nearly as often as along most US highways. Even so, an RV journey from Washington to Alaska will be the trip of a lifetime.

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