Great RV Vacation Idea – Exploring Arizona Ghost Towns

If you like your vacations a little offbeat, why not travel Arizona in motorhome comfort while mining the chills and thrills of genuine ghost towns?

With more than 275 phantom cities to explore, Arizona is the mother lode for ghost town enthusiasts. Allow me to take you on a quick trip through some of the most famous Arizona ghost towns, just to get your imagination flowing.

In Arizona, we’ve found ghost towns fall into two categories – those preserved and commercialized for tourists, and those gradually destroyed by the forces of nature.

Either kind of Arizona ghost town gives a fascinating glimpse into the state’s Wild West history. Mining towns, railway towns and towns once famous as stops along the cattle drive all testify to the grit and determination of Arizona’s early settlers.

Ghost Towns Preserved for Tourists
The most famous “ghost town” in Arizona, Tombstone, is actually still very much alive. Home to Boothill Graveyard, the OK Corral and dozens of historic sites from the days of Wyatt Earp and Ike Clanton, Tombstone caters to tourists year-round and is a great first stop on your motorhome ghost town vacation.

Numerous RV campgrounds are located in Tombstone, including Stampede RV Park, Wells Fargo RV Park right in the center of town, and Tombstone RV Park & Resort, conveniently located on Highway 80.

I highly recommend visiting nearby Bisbee once you’ve toured Tombstone. With a mountain top cemetery, haunted hotel and the abandoned Lavender Pit Copper Mine to explore, it’s well worth the trip.

Jerome, Arizona, built along a steep hillside in Yavapai County, started as a copper mining town and was saved from extinction by residents who recognized its historic value. Rugged and fascinating, Jerome’s busy stores stand side-by-side with abandoned ruins that tell the story of this copper boomtown.

Authentic Ruins Left to the Forces of Nature
For those RV campers who prefer their ghost towns uninhabited by the living, authentic Arizona ghost towns dot the map. My friends often bring back stories of lonely settlements ground down to their foundations by the sand and wind of the Grand Canyon State.

Why not show the kids and grand kids the isolation in which brave settlers, miners and ranchers lived during the 1800s? True ghost towns like Agua Caliente, Tortilla Flat and Vulture City in Maricopa County boasted post offices, schools and saloons at one time, but now stand empty thanks to changes in fortune.

Hundreds of RV campsites in the Phoenix area make the trip to more than twenty authentic ghost towns in the area comfortable and affordable.

Ready to load up the RV and head for a ghost town adventure? El Monte RV is more than ready to help make that possible, with our convenient Phoenix RV Rentals location. If you’d like more fascinating trivia on Arizona ghost towns, be sure to visit!

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