A Road Trip Through Texas Ghost Towns

While we’re exploring the idea of traveling by RV to find ghost towns, let’s not forget some of the very best are in Texas. I’ve put together a top five list of Texas ghost towns recommended by my friends and clients:

  1. Washington-on-the-Brazos: This once lively center of early Texas politics is in part operated by Texas Parks & Wildlife. Visit Barrington Living History Farm, the Star of the Republic Museum and a recreated Independence Hall, where Texas leaders signed their Declaration of Independence from Mexico in 1836. Not your run of the mill ghost town, it combines historical displays and the ruins of what once served as the capital city of the Texas Republic. Park your RV in nearby Waller, Texas at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone RV Park & Resort!
  2. Fort Phantom: Located just north of Abilene, Texas, this ghost fort was abandoned three years after it was established in 1851 due to the lack of fresh water in the area. Several ruins are still on-site and are managed by a local historical society.
  3. Barstow: Ghost town hunters love this town, with plenty of structures still standing to be explored and photographed. In the desert west of Pecos, Barstow is the classic Texas ghost town, deserted after the loss of irrigation to local farms.
  4. Salt Flat: At the foot of the Guadalupe Mountains in West Texas, you’ll find the town of Salt Flat. So-named because of the natural salt flats around it, Salt Flat features several abandoned buildings, the salt flats themselves and nearby Guadalupe Pass in the mountains. Two RV campgrounds in Guadalupe Mountains National Park make this trip easy to plan.
  5. Luckenbach: Founded in the 1850s by German immigrants, you probably first heard of this town thanks to Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson! The German inhabitants are long gone, but the attention brought to the nearly-deserted town of Luckenbach, Texas by a song of the same name now brings music fans from all over to hear new talent. Plan your RV vacation around one of the famous concerts and stay to explore the former general store, post office and other ruins.

For even more information on Texas ghost towns, I definitely recommend you visit GhostTowns.com. They’ve got plenty of fascinating tips for getting the most out of your ghost town tour by RV.

Come to El Monte RV to rent your motorhome and get your Texas RV vacation rolling. Locations include our Dallas RV Rentals location. By the way, if you find any ghosts out there, be sure to send us pictures to share on Monte’s Musings!

Photo by Lee Otis from his photo set Ghost Towns. Some rights reserved under Creative Commons: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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  1. Ambreen Tariq says:

    thanks for sharing this good list of ghost town's in texas as right now i m camping in texas so surely will visit them also.

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