Buffalo, Rainbows, and Dragons Breath

I recently led an RV Rental caravan from Las Vegas through Salt Lake City, Jackson Hole Wyoming, and into Yellowstone.

The trip itself was a blast and I hope to be able to post details about each major tour area here.

There was one day that made the whole adventure come together for me. We had just left Artists Point in Yellowstone headed back to camp and a brief rainstorm came and went. My wife and baby were seated in the back of the motorhome and she was still talking about the waterfall we had just seen.

Suddenly we saw coming toward the side of the motorhome what looked like a small wooly

Picture of a Bison in the National Bison Range

Bison in the National Bison Range

mammoth. Snorting and stomping as he came, the buffalo didn’t seem to mind cars, trucks, or motorhomes as he pushed across the road and stopped traffic.  The big fellow joined a herd on the other side of the street. The sun came out of the clouds and above the herd a rainbow grew.

We later came to one of the many geological features of Yellowstone, a hot springs area with a particular feature called Dragons Breath.  This feature actually puffed steam and made noise that made it seem like a dragon might really live at the bottom of this cave and be puffing steam up to warn us to stay away.

I suppose there are many memories I could keep in my head to remember this trip. I remember early mornings and coffee with friends, and the late nights with campfires and smores and songs and jokes. However, I suppose the lifetime memory I’ll take with me from this trip is sitting in a motorhome with my family after a rainstorm with buffalos, rainbows, and dragons breath.

If you want to go to Yellowstone or another national park and see these things for yourself check out the El Monte RV Rentals National Parks page.

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