Denver RV Camping Ideas

Any trip to the Mile High City is a great one, but travelling there by RV opens a whole new dimension of fun. Here’s a list of traveler’s top picks for ways to enjoy the Denver area in the comfort of an RV.

Waking Up to Nature

Chatfield State Park

Chatfield State Park

Waking up in a scenic mountain meadow will thrill even the most jaded vacationer. The scent of pines in the air, water rushing through a stream nearby – who could stay cranky with all that natural beauty outside your door? The Denver area has more than its share of scenic RV campgrounds. Campers especially love the Colorado State Parks within easy driving distance of the Denver metro area. Whether it’s Cherry Creek, Chatfield or Golden Gate Canyon State Park, there are plenty of scenic vacation memories in store.

Camping in the Heart of the Party

The people of North Central Colorado love to party, and they throw great festivals year-round! Make tracks in your RV to the Capitol Hill People’s Fair, an eclectic arts celebration of Denver’s diverse neighborhoods each June. Here’s another thought; if hot air balloons perk up your senses, head for the Rocky Mountain Balloon Festival at Chatfield State Park in August (just remember to reserve your campsite early!).

For a swan dive into Asian culture, be sure to visit the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival at Sloan Lake Park in Denver. Held each July, this huge festival offers Asian food, arts and music and, best of all, colorful dragon boat races on the lake. Your kids will love this one, so pack the RV, reserve a nearby campsite and take the plunge into the Dragon Boat Festival.

Before we move on to more RV vacation ideas, we can’t forget the Colorado Renaissance Festival. Held weekends in July and August in Larkspur, it’s full of medieval fun and foolishness, plus some great food adventures! Camp at nearby campgrounds and enjoy the area’s natural beauty as well as discovering Old World magic.

Outdoor Adventures Galore

Active vacationers are going to love the Denver area, with outdoor adventure opportunities in abundance. One you should definitely investigate is whitewater rafting. With two major rivers and Clear Creek within easy driving distance, Denver vacationers can experience every level of rafting excitement, from gentle drifting down the river to heart-stopping Level Five adventures.

If you’ve never experienced the Rockies on horseback, sign yourself up for one of the many area trail rides. Numerous horseback riding venues exist within thirty minutes of Denver, so don’t miss this opportunity for a front-row seat to nature. Another great way to see the best of Denver’s natural beauty is to try your hand at fly-fishing in nearby scenic rivers.

Whether fishing the mountain streams, rafting down whitewater rapids or travelling mountain meadows on horseback, the Denver area offers RV campers plenty of outdoor adventure. Set up base camp at one of the area RV campgrounds, then get out and enjoy yourself in nature!

As you can see, the Denver metro area is the perfect spot for vacationers travelling by RV. Pick a festival, pack your fishing gear and get ready to wake up to the Rockies. Your first Denver vacation won’t be your last!

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