RV Camping with Your Pet

For many, what to do with the family pet can be a big impediment to planning a family vacation. Others simply cannot imagine going anywhere without their four-legged family member.

RV Camping can be the answer for both. Most RV Rental companies allow you to have pets in their RVs (El Monte RV does). Most RV campgrounds also allow pets. In North Carolina there is even a campground that promotes themselves as a “dog dedicated campground“. Be sure to check them out – Four Paws Kingdom.

So instead of wondering where to put your pet while you are away, with an RV the challenge becomes planning a great RV camping adventure because Fido is coming with you.

While taking your pet with you on your RV vacation can be fun and rewarding for all involved, there are some common sense tips that you should remember:

  • Call Ahead – Call campgrounds ahead of time to make sure they are pet friendly. Make sure to ask if they have any weight limitations for dogs.
  • Vaccinations and Medical Records – Make sure that your pets are up to date on their vaccinations (rabies, distemper, etc.) and have appropriate documentation with you to prove it. It is not a bad idea to also have their full medical record with you and to obtain a number of a local vet at your destination just in case your pet needs treatment.
  • Pet First Aid Kit – Have a pet first aid kit and at least a briefing from your pet’s vet on how to use it, just in case (see here for some pet first aid items).
  • Travel Restraint – Provide a protective travel crate or restraint for you pet so that they do not get hurt in the event of a sudden stop, and so that they will not interfere with the driver.
  • Regular Stops – Plan on stopping regularly when traveling to allow your pet to get some exercise and allow them to relieve themselves (remember to clean up after your pet).
  • A Few of their Favorite Things – Bring some things that are familiar to your pet to help them to feel at home in their home away from home.
  • Identification – Have identification on your pets (tags, implants etc.) to make them easy to identify and you easy to contact should they get lost.
  • Keep Your Pets Quiet and Under Control – This means that you should make sure that you have proper pet restraint (leashes and crates) so that they cannot run free. This is true for many practical reasons as well, such as:
    • Far away from home it would be very easy for your pet to get lost.
    • In the great outdoors, your fluffy and playful family pet looks a lot like dinner to other inhabitants of the wild…
  • Clean Up After Your Pet – The single biggest complaint other campers have is pet owners who do not clean up their pet’s “business”.
  • Respect Others – Remember that while you may appreciate your pets, others in the campground may not. Not everyone is a pet person, no matter how foreign that point of view may be to you…

See the following for some additional tips and advice:

Some guides to pet friendly campgrounds:

So don’t worry what to do with your pet while on vacation. Take them with you on a fun and exciting RV vacation!

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  4. TopDogTom | Small Dog Training ETC says:

    Great tips on RVing or just traveling with your pets. One thing that might be of help if you and your pet get separated is to have pictures of your pet and you for proof of ownership should the need arise.

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