How ’bout an RV Golf Vacation

It turns out that many RV Parks/Resorts have golf courses. These range from small par 3 golf courses, through 9 hole courses and up to very challenging 18 hole courses. So not only can you get away into the great outdoors and do many of the things that people associate with RV camping (fishing, hiking etc.), you can also get in many good rounds of golf.

Many golf courses also have RV parks associated with them. So some very challenging and demanding courses allow you to come and hook up and step out your door onto the links.

Often these RV/Golf resorts will include a certain number of holes of golf with an overnight stay. So for the avid golfer, why not plan an itinerary to several different RV/Golf resorts for the ultimate golf vacation?

To learn more about golf/RV resorts see: RV Parks with Golf / Golf Courses with RV Parks

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