One of the best reasons we can think of to travel by RV this summer is to watch your favorite teams play baseball. We know our readers love their baseball almost as much as they enjoy RV camping. Some might even have gotten the jump on the regular season by traveling to Arizona or Florida for spring training.

America's Pastime - Baseball

America’s Pastime – Baseball

America’s national pastime inspires loyal fans to travel to stadiums across the country. We thought we’d offer even more inspiration to travel in search of baseball. Take a look at what this National Park Service blog post highlighting baseball’s history reveals.

Did you know, for example, that baseball greats like Stan Musial were known to visit fans at Alcatraz Prison? It’s true, and you can learn more with a trip to Alcatraz Island within Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Or that Hot Springs National Park was once the spring training destination for legendary players like Babe Ruth? Baseball has become so much a part of the American fabric that even our national parks get involved.

RV Travel to Watch Baseball is a Grand Slam

We know you’ll be spending lots of time at the stadium as you indulge the urge to travel with your favorite teams. But when it’s time to call it a night and refuel for the next day’s games, an RV can be your best home base. Being able to cook your own meals after a day buying pricey stadium food might make the difference between heading for home and staying to see one more game.

Relaxing at the campground, rehashing the day’s best plays, could be your kids’ favorite memories from this year’s RV road trip to watch baseball. Unwind in RV comfort, make healthy meals that keep your road trip budget on track and enjoy campground amenities that add an extra layer of fun to your journey. That’s the way to have a grand-slam baseball road trip!

Tools to Help Plan Your Baseball RV Road Trip

Ready to exercise your obsession with baseball by traveling by RV to games? Here’s a list of resources that can help streamline your baseball RV travel. – the official site of Major League Baseball. Start here for team schedules and stadium information. – the place for all things collegiate baseball. – for everything you need to know about minor league teams and schedules. – governing body for US amateur baseball, including US National Teams.

National Baseball Congress – home of the annual NBC World Series. – a handy tool for planning a road trip to watch multiple teams play. – for stadium info and suggested baseball road trip itineraries.

El Monte RV for RV rentals and baseball road trip planning assistance.

Bonus Tips for planning your RV Baseball Tour. (1) Check the stadium website for parking details before you go, especially if you plan to park the RV at the ballpark.      (2) Book your campsites early. Campgrounds near the stadium are likely to fill up on game day. (3) Plan to see some weekday, mid-day games if possible. You may score cheaper tickets than those for high-demand weekend or night games. (4) Find out whether tailgating is allowed at the stadium. If it is, arrive early and add a parking lot party to your game day fun.

We hope these tips and tools help you plan your best RV trip to watch baseball yet. It doesn’t matter whether you plan to follow the team to multiple states or travel to one location for a home-game series. Getting there by RV is a great way to enjoy the journey, relax in comfort at the end of an epic game and get back home without ruining your road trip budget. There’s a ballpark out there waiting to show you a good time!

10 Maine destinations to explore by RV

Ocean to mountain, deep campsites to quaint villages. Traveling Maine by RV promises fascinating times. Summer RV camping season in New England is just around the corner.  Start planning!

Here are ten Maine destinations you’ll want to explore by RV, roughly north to south.

  1. Aroostook Valley Trail in far north Maine winds a path from New Sweden at the northern terminus to Presque Isle at the southern end. It’s a 28-mile long gravel, multiuse trail created from a former rail bed. Expect to find deep woods, riverside stretches and brushes with five towns. RV camping can be easily found near the Trail, from dry camping at Aroostook State Park to luxury resorts such as Arndt’s Aroostook River Lodge & Campground.
  1. Maine’s capital city of Augusta beckons history-loving RVers with an eighteenth century wooden fort, a spectacular State House, the impressive Maine State Museum and nearby Waterville Opera House.
  1. Explore the Kennebec-Chaudiere International Heritage Corridor for more than two hundred miles from Bath, Maine to Quebec for the RV adventure of a lifetime. Water trails on two rivers, fascinating small towns and lush North Maine landscapes are just the start of the journey.
  1. Swan Island, on the Kennebec River at Richmond, is a nature lover’s paradise. Bring your kayak and paddle the river, or enjoy miles of hiking trails through pristine forests and meadows in search of the island’s abundant wildlife. Don’t forget to book your ferry ride in advance! 
  1. Bridgton, in the Western Maine’s Lake Region, is popular with RV travelers for its vintage downtown shops, easy access to outdoor recreation and city-run Salmon Point Campground on Long Lake. Fish, paddle, hike or shop—you’ll find wonderful places to do it while camping in Bridgton.
  1. While camping in the Freeport/Durham area, consider a side trip to Bradbury Mountain State Park for a memorable mountain biking experience. Single and double track trails crisscross the mountain and the view is fine, too.
  1. The Desert of Maine in Freeport is where the kids will want to spend your Maine RV camping vacation. Located on the central coast, this forty-acre glacial desert within a forest features tram tours, hiking trails, historic buildings and an on-site RV campground.
  1. Reid State Park, on Georgetown Island, has the distinction of being one of the few places in Maine you’ll find stretches of sand beach and large sand dunes. Plan to camp on the island at Sagadahoc Bay Campground for oceanfront sites and lighthouse views.
  1. Casco Bay, by way of Portland, allows RV travelers to Maine to reach beyond the shore. Once you’ve settled in your campground in nearby Scarborough, Saco or Old Orchard Beach, make your way to Maine State Pier in Portland to go island hopping in the Bay, courtesy of Casco Bay Line ferry service. They also offer a variety of scenic bay cruises.
  1. Southern Maine Lighthouse Tour: Love lighthouses? As you leave the Portland area, you’ll enjoy views of no less than seven historic lighthouses by making stops from Cape Elizabeth to Kittery. Here’s your itinerary, driving south.

    Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse, Maine

    Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse, Maine

  • Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth features Portland Head Light (and museum), as well as views of the Ram Island Ledge Light from the park’s rocky beach.
  • Two Lights State Park, down the shoreline in Cape Elizabeth, offers views of privately owned Cape Elizabeth Light.
  • The Pier Road landing in Cape Porpoise is your next stop for views of the Goat Island Lighthouse.
  • Sohier Park in York is a delightful spot to stroll the shoreline and enjoy views of Nubble Light.
  • Fort Foster Park in Kittery is famous for views of both Whaleback Light and Portsmouth Harbor Light.

An RV camping trip to Maine can be a different adventure every time you visit. Pick your next itinerary and be sure to book an RV rental early. The Pine Tree State can’t wait to show you a good time.

It’s a fact—RV road trips can bring families and friends closer together. Shared vacation experiences can highlight the differences and similarities that keep relationships interesting. But there’s a dark side to vacation travel that needs to be discussed, as well—the road trip that disintegrates until everyone is wondering why they came. What’s the difference? It all comes down to road trip etiquette, the fine art of exercising respect and courtesy while traveling together.

Our tips for traveling sanely with others could be called “RV Road Trip Etiquette 101”. They can make all the difference between the RV trip you’d like to forget and the vacation you’ll always treasure.

It’s a Vacation, Silly!

It’s so easy, especially for those of us who live highly organized lives, to take our vacation planning too far. If you love to plan your trips to the smallest detail, you may have noticed not everyone you travel with is appreciative.

The first lesson of RV Road Trip Etiquette 101 is to remember, “It’s a vacation, silly!” Leave room for spontaneity. Back off organizing every experience and watch for cues from your companions that you’re over the top.

Plan reasonably—book campsites during peak seasons and reserve tickets for popular attractions. There’s nothing wrong with knowing you’ll have a place to rest at the end of a long day of travel. But if the kids are begging for another day at the beach, and you’re determined to march along to a faster beat, step back, take a breath and consider the goal of any RV vacation—to relax.

Plan Something for Everyone

No one likes to be dragged along on someone else’s dream vacation. RV road trip planning etiquette requires us to ask what everyone hopes to do on the trip.

Kids might request quick stops at quirky roadside attractions. Plan the time in your schedule. The spouse who accommodates your need to shop at every mall on your route might be dreaming of time spent on mountain trails. Work-weary friends might enjoy hitting the spas, but you won’t know unless you ask!

What we enjoy doing on vacation can be different for everyone in your RV. By discussing ahead of time what each person’s looking forward to, and allowing time to do it, you’ll cut down on grumbling and maybe even learn to enjoy something new.

Give Each Other Some Space

Here’s the thing about vacation travel, whether it’s spent in airplanes and hotels or on the road in an RV; there’s such a thing as too much time together!

One of the best things we can do for each other to keep vacations relaxing is to allow for time spent alone. Even small children who require our supervision can be allowed to play in uncrowded space. Teens who can’t take another minute cooped up with their siblings will appreciate a time out, too. The closest of friends can begin to grate on each other’s nerves when too long in close quarters.

Skip the assumption that every vacation minute must be spent together. Encouraging fellow travelers to walk, swim, shop, see a movie or otherwise release vacation claustrophobia can go a long way to keeping the peace while traveling.

Traveling together by RV is a wonderful way to strengthen the bonds of friendship, build family memories and rekindle romance. The trick to keeping things friendly and relaxing is practicing basic courtesy. Allow others to indulge their interests. Squelch the need to over-plan. Give each other time off from togetherness. These basic principles are what we call, “RV Road Trip Etiquette 101”, and they’ll go a long way to building pleasant, relaxing vacations.  

You begin to plan a vacation, and someone brings up the idea of renting a recreational vehicle. Suddenly, your mind goes into RV rental anxiety, based on myths you might be believing about renting an RV.

Before you close the door on an excellent vacation travel option, consider these six common myths about renting RVs, and the facts that can help erase your anxiety.

Myth #1: Renting an RV is Too Expensive!

This is one myth we enjoy exploding, because the fact is, renting and traveling in an RV can be surprisingly economical. Consider this: if you book airline tickets or rental cars instead, that’s just the beginning of your travel expense. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, there are hotel rooms and restaurant meals, as well.

In contrast, renting an RV allows you to take your sleeping quarters on the road. It lets you decide which level of campground amenities suit your budget. You’ll also be taking your RV kitchen along for preparing meals and snacks, yet another budget-friendly bonus while traveling.

One more tip for keeping RV rentals affordable: ask about current rental deals. You may save hundreds of dollars by taking advantage of seasonal, one-way or extended trip specials.

Myth #2: It’s Too Hard to Drive an RV!

Here’s how to keep this myth from ruining your vacation dreams—find an RV rental model that you feel comfortable driving. With the range of recreational vehicle models available at many rental locations, it’s possible to rent an RV from the largest Class A ‘bus style’ motorhome to a compact, Class C cabover model. Visit your local RV rental office or sales location to see sizes for yourself, and to learn how well-equipped today’s RVs are for ease of driving.

One more anxiety-buster: RV rental locations usually have instructional videos and detailed RV operation manuals that share tips for safe driving. Ask questions if you aren’t sure how safety features work. Book your RV pickup time early enough to get familiar with your rental vehicle before you hit the road. You’ve got this!

Myth #3: Renting an RV is a Hassle!

You’re going to be pleasantly surprised at how convenient renting an RV can be. Here at El Monte RV Rentals and Sales, we’ve refined the process of picking up and dropping off rental RVs to get you on the road and back home again as quickly as possible.  

From ‘fly-drive’ locations near major airports to detailed RV rental guides online, there’s plenty of help available to help streamline your experience. And don’t forget to take advantage of the wealth of trip planning tips here on Monty’s Musings!

Myth #4: I’ll Never Figure out the RV Hookups!

Facts win once again! Using the videos and instruction manuals available, first-time RV rental customers finding it surprisingly easy to hook up their RVs to electric, water and sewer connections at the campground. We won’t leave you stranded! If anything seems overwhelming, be sure to ask your rental location staff, so you can relax and enjoy your vacation without worry.

Myth #5: RV Rentals are Just for Long Distance Trips

This is definitely mythology, based on the reasons our customers rent recreational vehicles. Some choose to rent an RV for comfortable camping at nearby music festivals. Others have told us they rent an RV for extra housing during the holidays.

Another popular reason to rent an RV is to host special weekends at a local destination—everything from a ‘girls only’ campout at the lake to camping close to swap meets, fairs or fly-ins. Traveling by RV long distance can be memorable, but don’t let that be the only reason you take advantage of convenient, affordable RV rentals.

Myth #6: Rental RVs are ‘Bare Bones’

Guess again! You can choose to camp in luxury on most any rental budget. Generators, microwaves and roomy dinettes are just a few of the convenient features that add comfort to today’s RVs. If you’ve never rented an RV, explore the options available for comfort and convenience, whether you’re renting a Class C with roomy slide-outs or a Class A ‘Luxury Class’ model.

El Monte RV

El Monte RV

Renting an RV can be your best option for budget-friendly, comfortable travel. Don’t let these myths stand in the way of your best vacation yet. Check the facts on RV rentals and then take the plunge. It’s time you learned how renting RVs could enhance your vacation plans.  

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