Let’s say you live somewhere near Chicago and you would like to rent an RV to see the Wild West – maybe venturing to Nevada, Arizona or Southern California. Or you are in DC area and want to take in some colonial American history. How could you do this and maximize your experience RV’ing? The idea of One-Way Travel isn’t new but have you considered the advantages?

You can rent in Illinois, for example and drive to Vegas, return your RV there and fly back. Or, rent an RV in Reno or San Francisco and drive to San Diego and return it there. On the east coast, rent one of El Monte RV’s in Baltimore and drive it to New York. Any of these trips would make an interesting itinerary and minimize your driving time by only driving one way.

Suggested One – Way itineraries:

  • Midwest to Vegas Journey
  • West Coast Tour – San Francisco to Southern Cal
  • East Coast Visit – Baltimore to New York/New Jersey

Places to visit on your way:

  • Chicago area to Las Vegas Journey: You can stop at a variety of National Parks and other scenic locations along your way when you rent an RV from El Monte. Visit some of the National Parks out west on your way to Las Vegas and then check into a Vegas hotel after you return your RV and maximize your trip there before flying back to Chicago.


  • West Coast Tour: Starting in San Francisco, drive down the Pacific Coast Highway all the way to San Diego, stopping as long as you wish to see mountains, oceans and seashore along the way. Try a trip to Long Beach and see the Aquarium of the Pacific, the Queen Mary, or go dolphin spotting on your way to Catalina Island. Other Southern California attractions such as Disneyland and Universal Studios, Hollywood are nearby. Ending your trip in San Diego opens up all kinds of possibilities from the San Diego Zoo to Sea World, or you might like to visit the huge sea lions and seals on the rocks at La Jolla Cove.


  • East Coast Visit: Starting in Baltimore, be sure to visit such sights like the historic Fort McHenry in Baltimore, the site of the inspiration for Francis Scott Key’s “Star Spangled Banner”; then tour the Baltimore Harbor on a Water Taxi, stopping to dine at any number of restaurants along the way. When you are done dining and walking around the harbor front, just jump back on board the Water Taxi to go back to where you started. You can travel up the east coast in comfort and enjoy the scenery whatever time of year you travel. Other sights to see include Catoctin Mountain in Thurmont, which is a tribute to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration and the Civilian Conservation Corps. This park and mountain has 25 miles of hiking trails as well as campgrounds and plenty of programs and events for adults and kids alike.


There are also other National Parks like Gettysburg National Memorial Park only about an hour and a half from where you will pick up your El Monte Motorhome. Try taking in some scenery you haven’t seen before, like the mountains in western Maryland at Deep Creek Lake Natural Resource Management Area, which lies just west of the Allegheny Front on a large plateau known as the Tablelands or Allegany Highlands.

Continue your visit north through historic Delaware to Pennsylvania and New Jersey. You can spend a couple of days or a week or even two weeks if you have the time. There is a lot to see of Colonial America on our Eastern Seaboard.

Need to Rent An RV?

El Monte RV rents RV’s in a variety of locations all around the country. See our Where You Can Rent RVs page for all locations. And, depending on the type and length of your trip you may want a pick-up location that is close to where you live or one that is close to your destination of choice. Please check with the location you choose to make sure they allow one-way rentals.

Here is a special blog for this time of year. How to cook quality food while RV’ing? How to make your meals special and not feel like they are “canned” or pre-made?  We have some timely tips for your RV cookery! And a great suggestion for a January RV Adventure destination.

Here are some links to some of the most popular roadworthy recipes:


  • 1 can refrigerated crescent rolls, room temperature
  • 1 cup sausage, cooked and drained
  • 1 cup thawed hash brown potatoes or shredded potatoes
  • 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • Diced onion (optional)
  • 5 eggs
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • Pepper to taste


Grease a pizza or jelly-roll pan. Press rolls out with fingers onto pan. Layer top of dough with sausage, potatoes, cheese and onion. Beat eggs and milk. Place pan on oven rack and pour egg mixture over the toppings, tilting pan to evenly distribute mixture. Season with pepper. Bake at 375 degrees F for 25 minutes.

  • Another is 2X4 Soup, sort of like chili, but easier and great for cold winter evenings:


  • 2 pounds hamburger
  • 2 cans minestrone soup
  • 2 cans diced tomatoes and green chilies
  • 2 cans ranch-style beans 


Brown hamburger, drain and add tomatoes and chilies, ranch-style beans and minestrone soup. Simmer until hot and eat.


  • 12 oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • (2) 14 oz. sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 stick of butter at room temperature
  • 1 cup of finely chopped walnuts


Combine the chocolate chips and butter in a microwavable bowl. Add the two cans of sweetened condensed milk. Cover the bowl with wax paper and microwave for about 3 minutes stirring every minute until everything is melted and smooth. Stir in the cup of walnuts. Spread the mixture evenly into a greased 9 x 13 pan. Cover and let the pan sit overnight in the fridge. Voilá, 3 minute fudge!


Where to go RV camping in January?

How about heading south and taking in some sunny days for your January excursion? Head to West Palm Beach for the South Florida Fair. Taking place between January 17th and February 2nd, you can take your time about getting there and see some of south Florida’s sights along the way. As for the fair, this is Palm Beach County’s largest and oldest outdoor event.

Since 1993, the themed expositions produced each year during the South Florida Fair are one of the most popular attractions of the 17-day event. The 2020 South Florida Fair will be a celebration of popular sports in the south Florida community. Experience the essence of sports – competition, fair play, and the zeal to win – at this year’s themed exposition!

Interactive and educational sports exhibits will pave the way as you stroll through the Expo Center. The Hometown Teams: How Sports Shape America exhibition, in partnership with the Smithsonian Institution and the Florida Humanities Council, will teach our visitors the cultural impact and importance of the different sports in American communities. The National Baseball Hall of Fame’s “Picturing America’s Pastime” offers a snapshot of the photograph collection in the Museum’s photo archive, spanning almost 150 years.

And, don’t miss the exhibit at the Fair of the Highwaymen, a legendary group of African American artists who have been selling their colorful works of art along the road for 60 years. The Highwaymen, who developed a rapid style of painting that captured a romantic vision of Florida, still lives on to this day. For more information about them see Highwaymen Art Specialists.


Need to Rent an RV?

If you need to rent an RV for your holidays or January Camping Adventure, go to our Where to Rent an RV page and find one near you or near your destination.

And use our Promo Code “HOLIDAY” to rent for 6 nights and get the 7th and 8th nights free. (Based on availability. Valid on new reservations only and must be returned by March 31, 2020.)

January is a great time to head to Louisiana! In addition to the five National Park Service properties, 1,346 National Register of Historic Places listings, 22 state parks, and the Kisatchie National Forest, Louisiana is also temperate in the winter months, making it a wonderful destination for those who are outdoor-minded. These numerous properties, as well as over 50 private Louisiana campgrounds, offer many opportunities for RV camping adventures. See our Louisiana RV Campgrounds for a complete list of possibilities.

And, this January, you can come to New Orleans for the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) National Championship in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. This event brings together the top two college football teams who have competed already in the five bowl game match-ups that involved ten of the top ranked teams in the NCAA Division/ Football Bowl Subdivision of American college football.

The two teams that stand to make it to this year’s auspicious event are among the top 4, which include LSU, Ohio State, Clemson and Oklahoma. In the semi-finals, LSU will face Oklahoma at the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl in Atlanta, while Ohio State will challenge Clemson (both have 13-0 records this season) at the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, Arizona. Both of these games take place on December 28th, and the winner of each will meet up in New Orleans on January 13th.

This year promises to be a great game as well as a tailgating party seemingly designed for people in their RV’s.

See other sights around New Orleans and Louisiana while you are there as this state offers abundant wildlife and amazing natural attractions. Take in at least a few of these while you are visiting the State.

  1. The Atchafalaya National Heritage Area, America’s Foreign Country

Our country’s landscape is rich and mysterious. It is filled with twisting bayous, rivers and America’s largest river swamp. We have fields of sugar cane and cotton, ancient live oaks and towering cypress. Alligators, raccoons, and even bears roam our lands while 270 species of birds take to our skies. From our waters come catfish, shrimp, oysters and the crawfish that make us so well known.

  1. Cane River National Heritage Area

More than 300-years of history are etched into the rural landscape of colonial forts, plantations, churches, cemeteries, and homes that comprise Cane River National Heritage Area. Historically, this region lay at the intersection of the French and Spanish Realms in the New World, with the town of Natchitoches originating as an important 18th century trade center.

  1. Cane River Creole National Historical Park

Get a glimpse of a culture within a culture here at the Cane River region; the Creoles. Generations of the same families of owners and workers, enslaved and tenant, lived on these lands for over 200 years. The park tells their stories and preserves the cultural landscape of Oakland and Magnolia Plantations, two of the most intact Creole cotton plantations in the United States.

  1. Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve

In Jean Lafitte’s day, silver and gold filled a pirate’s treasure chest, but today’s treasures are people, places, and memories. Discover New Orleans’ rich cultural mix. Learn Cajun traditions from people who live them. Watch an alligator bask on a bayou’s bank. Walk in the footsteps of the men who fought at 1815’s Battle of New Orleans. Follow the link to discover the treasure of Jean Lafitte.

  1. New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park

Only in New Orleans could there be a National Park for jazz! Drop by the visitor center at 916 North Peters St. to inquire about musical events around town. If you are in the mood for a world class musical experience, you may be able to attend a jazz concert or ranger performance at the state of the New Orleans Jazz Museum.


Need to Rent an RV?

Do you need an RV? You can rent an RV for your Louisiana RV adventure from one of our many El Monte RV Rental Locations. Check out Where You Can Rent RV’s to see the nearest location to where you want to start your adventure. Our Dallas RV Rental location is probably the closest to Louisiana, but depending on where you are starting from, you may consider Orlando or even Louisville as your starting point.

Wherever you decide to go, be sure to take your camera to capture your exciting and fun RV adventure.

When thinking about where to go for a super fun winter getaway, remember Utah, Wyoming and Arizona. These scenic jewels are often overlooked when planning a winter RV camping excursion. Begin your journey around Salt Lake City where you can rent an RV from El Monte’s RV Rentals. You would travel from Salt Lake City, perhaps driving north first to visit Dinosaur National Monument in Utah and Fossil Butte National Monument in Wyoming. Dinosaurs once roamed in Dinosaur National Monument and their remains are still visible embedded in the rocks today. The mountains, desert and untamed rivers flowing in deep canyons, support an array of life. Petroglyphs hint at earlier cultures. Later, homesteaders and outlaws found refuge here. Dinosaur offers much to explore. There are several campgrounds in Dinosaur and nearby.

Fossil Butte National Monument is nicknamed America’s aquarium in stone. The world’s best preserved fossils are found here in the flat-topped ridges of southwestern Wyoming’s cold sagebrush desert. Fossilized fish, insects, plants, reptiles, birds, and mammals are exceptional for their abundance, variety, and detail of preservation. Most remarkable is the story they tell of ancient life in a subtropical landscape. While camping is not available in this park, there are many choices of places to camp nearby.

As you travel south through Utah, be sure to stop at Arches National Park and Zion National Park before heading south to Arizona and Grand Canyon National Park, celebrating its 100thbirthday this year.

Arches National Park

Most visits to Arches involve traveling by vehicle along the scenic drive, which provides access to many viewpoints and trailheads. Arches National Park has the highest concentration of natural arches in the world. Over 2,500 of these unusual rock formations can be found here. Towering spires, fins and balanced rocks complement the arches, creating a remarkable assortment of landforms in a relatively small area. The park is within an arid, high desert environment with hot summers and cold winters. Parking is limited at all destinations. Popular trailheads like Delicate Arch and Devils Garden often fill for hours at a time, especially on weekends and holidays. Many parking spots can’t fit recreational vehicles (RVs) or vehicles with trailers. If you’re towing a car, considering driving it instead and leaving the big rig outside the park. For more suggestions on traveling in the park and how to avoid the crowds, visit the NPS Traffic & Travel Tips page.

Zion National Park

Zion was Utah’s first national park and is still quite popular. Here you can follow the paths where ancient native people and pioneers walked. You’ll be able to gaze up at massive sandstone cliffs of cream, pink, and red that soar into a brilliant blue sky. You can experience true wilderness in a narrow slot canyon. Zion’s unique array of plants and animals will enchant you as you absorb the rich history of the past and enjoy the excitement of present day adventures.

Grand Canyon National Park

Unique combinations of geologic color and erosional forms decorate a canyon that is 277 river miles long, up to 18 miles wide, and a mile deep. The Grand Canyon overwhelms our senses through its immense size. The South Rim is open all year but the North Rim is closed now until May of 2020. Be sure to take advantage of the National Park Service Trip Planner for planning a successful trip to this icon of National Parks. Also check out their calendar of events to commemorate the centennial anniversary of this park’s creation

Camping Spots

In your RV you can discover some of America’s best outdoor experiences in the West.

Here are just a few choices:

Camp in the National Parks – with reservations required for many spots, you may have to book early to get one. But, many sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Our national park system is so technologically sophisticated that you can get full details including which sites filled yesterday and by what time at their websites.

  • For Arches National Park, you can camp at one of 51 campsites among slick rock outcroppings at Devils Garden Campground18 miles from the park entrance. You can reserve standard campsites up to 6 months in advance for stays March 1-October 31. All sites are usually reserved months in advance. Between November 1 and February 28, sites are first-come, first-served. Facilities include drinking water, picnic tables, grills, and both pit-style and flush toilets. For Arches National Park reservations, check out the link above.


  • For Zion National Park, there are three on-site campgrounds plus at least five off-site if the ones in the park are full. You should make reservations to get in Zion as it fills up quickly especially in the summer. To make Zion reservations, contact the park directly.


  • For Grand Canyon National Park camping, find all the information on their website. There are four developed campgrounds where vehicles are permitted plus RV hookups can be found at Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim. The Desert View Campground is closed for winter but when open, it is on a first-come, first-served basis.


To make the most of your National Park RV camping trip, you can easily rent an RV at El Monte RV Rentals in Salt Lake City.

And just to remind you, you can still take advantage of our Season of Thanks Special offer– from now until December 15th, you get a 7thnight free with a 6 night rental from any El Monte RV location. Check all our locations to find one that is nearest you.

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