Planning an RV Vacation so All Goes Smoothly

You want your RV vacation to be the best that it can be for everyone.  After all, a vacation is supposed to relieve all the stress built up from living day-to-day in your workaday world.  But if you are not fully prepared, you will be adding stress to your vacation days.  Let’s see how we can prepare you for your RV vacation and have a worry-free getaway.

Florida Keys, Florida USA

Florida Keys,

First, you need to know your destination and how you’ll get there.  You will find El Monte RV Rentals all over the United States where you can obtain the ideal motor home for your trip.  We offer free “RV Camping Itineraries” that provide  mapped-out courses and destinations for your convenience.

You can either “fly-drive” to your destination or pick up your motor home locally and enjoy the drive and adventures along the way that only RV travel can offer!  Don’t forget that in many cases you can take advantage of our free airport shuttle service in major airport cities.  Check our website for availability.

Here’s a possible RV Travel Itinerary:  you can rent an RV from El Monte RV Rentals in Orlando, find a nice camping spot, visit some Orlando sights, and then head to the Keys for more fun.  On the way to the Florida Keys there are plenty of sights to see and you’ll want to allow time to stop and enjoy them all.  You may want to refer to previous postings on our Monty’s Musings blog to learn about many exciting destinations to visit in Florida in your RV.

From Orlando, you could head east to Fox Lake Sanctuary, then south on Interstate 95 to the Florida Keys and beautiful Key Largo.  For a winter vacation, you really can’t beat the Keys.  You will meet creative types who spend their time making unique art, beachcomber types who relax all day along the sandy beaches, and swim with the dolphins.  Use Google and maps on the Internet to plan your route and everything you want to see on the way.

If you don’t want to bring your pets along, you can contact a pet-sitter or the kennel in advance to ensure they have an opening for your time away.  But if you prefer keeping Fido with you, it’s good to know that El Monte RV is a “Pet-Friendly” company and supports taking the family pets along!  Also remember to check out the weather forecast for that area for the time you will be there.  It is surprising how accurate these weather forecasts can be.  You will then know what to pack, or even if you should put off your vacation for a few days to miss a storm.

You will want to prepare your smartphone and laptop for the trip.  Download some apps to make your vacation more exciting.  You can find apps online and pick the ones you’ll use the most.  Perhaps you’ll choose the one which forecasts weather down to the hour or perhaps the one which identifies animal tracks.  There are many to choose from.

Now begin to pack for your trip.  First make a detailed list of every item you want to bring and as you pack them, mark them off.  This way you’ll forget nothing.  Remember, when packing clothes, roll them instead of folding.  This prevents wrinkles.  There’s lots of storage in motor homes, so taking “it all with you” is usually not a problem!

When you prepare and plan out your trip, you will find everything less stressful and more enjoyable.  Have a great RV vacation!

El Monte RV Official Logo

El Monte RV Official Logo

For information on renting an RV in or near Orlando, Florida – CLICK HERE or if you need to rent a motor home outside the state of Florida,  -CLICK HERE

Picture credits: The photo of Florida Keys was found on Flickr Commons. It is licensed under the Explore/Creative Commons license.

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RV Camping Rodeo Destinations

It’s time to round up an RV camping adventure that’s fun for the whole family! Today’s professional rodeo events feature world class athletes, fierce competition and a ten gallon hat full of American cowboy culture, so why not plan to attend at least one this year? Comfortable RV camping means anyone can easily hit the trail in pursuit of rodeo action. Use these tips for creating your own RV journey to find the best in American rodeo.

Where to Find Pro Rodeo Action
The Professional Rodeo Cowboys’ Association (PRCA) hosts Pro Rodeo events almost year-round, at arenas from Texas to North Dakota. These events are sometimes linked with state fairs or charity fundraisers, and they all feature the best in authentic rodeo action. One big plus for RV campers is that other rodeo fans love RVs, too. According to, twenty-two percent of rodeo fans are likely to own an RV and often follow the circuit in them, which means campgrounds are likely to be located close to the arenas.

Decide whether you’d like to attend a local rodeo, a regional qualifying event, or a world-class finals competition and be sure to book your tickets early. Some events are just one day of intense competition, while others stretch out over a long weekend.

One way to choose your RV camping rodeo destinations this year is by following your favorite circuits or rodeo athletes. The PRCA Xtreme Bulls tour, for instance, has one wild and rowdy schedule that pits the toughest bulls against the top bullriders in the country.

You might also enjoy such electrifying events as the Wrangler Timed Events Championship, where top cowboys like Trevor Brazile compete for the gold every March in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Whether your favorite rodeo sport is bullriding, team roping or bareback bronc riding, there are regional and national events to design an exciting RV road trip around.

Where to Find Great RV Camping Near the Arena
Once you decide which rodeo events you don’t want to miss this year, start booking RV campsites close by. Did we mention that RV camping makes so much more sense than getting roped into expensive hotel rooms, restaurant meals and rental cars?

To find the best campgrounds near the arena, check the event’s website first. These sites often list local accommodations to help fans planning to attend. Another quick way to find RV campgrounds near PRCA events is by Googling “PRCA RV campgrounds”. Many campgrounds list annual rodeos in their area attractions and can help with information about their local rodeo.

Consider joining the PRCA FanZone, where hardcore rodeo fans discuss the latest standings and share tips for enjoying the rodeo circuit. One more way to locate comfortable campsites close to rodeo action is by searching websites like Go Camping America.

And, by the way, if you don’t happen to own a motorhome, there are affordable RV rentals easily available. Check online for RV rental locations near your destination, if you plan to fly in, or pick one up locally if you’re driving to the arena. Modern RVs come equipped with all the comforts of home, from well-designed kitchens to state of the art sound systems.

Isn’t it time your family let loose and enjoyed the thrills and chills of live rodeo? With just a little planning, your RV camping rodeo adventure can take the trophy in your family’s RV vacation memories.

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