Are You Camping at Burning Man 2015?

Seventy thousand people in the Black Rock Desert of Northwestern Nevada—that’s one way to describe the annual celebration of art and community known as Burning Man. You could also say this gathering that culminates every Labor Day Weekend is a festival of self-expression and self-reliance. The many facets of Burning Man are there to explore for anyone with a ticket and a vehicle pass, and RV and tent camping are the usual ways to attend.

If you’ve never investigated the Burning Man phenomenon, having a few basic facts can help start your journey.

  • When: August 30 to September 7, 2015
  • Where: One hundred twenty miles northeast of Reno, NV on the ‘playa’ in the Black Rock Desert.
  • Where to Buy Tickets: Tickets have been on sale since February, but never fear. You can still find tickets on the Secure Ticket Exchange Program from folks who purchased tickets and can’t attend. Another way to secure a late ticket is to register for the OMG ticket sale that will take place August 5, 2015. You’ll start by creating a Burner Profile. One thousand tickets are sold on August 5 on a first come, first served basis. Each Burner can purchase two tickets and one vehicle pass as available.
  • How Much Does it Cost? Tickets are $390 each (good for the entire week) and each vehicle requires a $50 pass. Tip: To save vehicle pass costs and travel expense, share the costs of renting an RV with another couple or a group of friends.

What should you expect at Burning Man? That’s a big question! You can expect to not see any type of advertising or commercial enterprises. You will see people gathered in camping groups, sharing facilities, food and tasks. Visually stunning, Burning Man is filled with tens of thousands of costumed participants, epic outdoor art forms and bicycles, bicycles, bicycles (the best mode of transportation.) From the ‘big burns’ where spectacular art installations go up in flames to the comradery and communal strength of the ‘City’, there’s something remarkable about being there.

What will be unforgettable for most campers at Burning Man will be the construction of ‘Black Rock City’ in the middle of the desert, complete with streets and medical facilities. That same temporary city is completely removed from the playa (including outdoor art) when Burning Man is over, following the festival’s core value of ‘Leave No Trace.’

If this sound like the place for you to be this Labor Day Weekend, take steps now:

  1. Set up a Burner Profile so you’ll be in line for OMG tickets
  2. Check out the STEP ticket exchange, too
  3. Rent your RV now if you don’t own one, or pack up your tent gear
  4. Start packing for life in Black Rock City—costumes, hot weather clothes and supplies, bicycles. Here’s a list of Black Rock City essentials.
  5. Launch your 2015 journey to Burning Man!

Attending Burning Man is unlike any camping experience you’ll ever have. It’s sharing a week in the desert with thousands of free thinking, art and nature loving temporary citizens of Black Rock City, creating art and community.

Are you RV or tent camping at Burning Man 2015? There’s still time to make it happen!

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Black Rock Desert Arts Festival: Top 10 things to know going in, OK so 12

This was sent to us by a friend who attended the Black Rock Desert Arts Festival 2009.

  1. Have an open mind. This is the most creative place I’ve ever been; good, bad and ugly. Black Rock City is also the most diverse place you will visit. You will encounter all walks of life.
  2. It’s hot, windy and dusty every day. If you don’t like extreme weather or you don’t like to get dirty then don’t go. One of the gals in our group was just miserable with the dust, and she went home early.
  3. Sun Screen: The sports sun screens work well because they don’t sweat off.
  4. Food and Water: It’s good to have water & food with you always.
    • The fitness waters are good with electrolytes for hydration.
    • Cliff bars, Power bars, etc are good for quick snacks.
    • Plan easy camp meals. Don’t get to fancy because you may have to cook in the wind and/or dust.
  5. Dust Gear: Dust goggles, dust masks, hankies and a Compass.
    • Dust Goggles: Get clear and smoked lenses. The goggles with exchangeable lenses are a good way to go.
    • Dust Mask: Be sure to get one with a valve because you will breathe easier.
    • Hankies: I made hankies out of Batik material (no sew; just cut them out with pinking shears). It is heavy cotton and works well to keep the dust at bay for lighter storms.
    • Compass: Just in case you need to get your bearings in a dust storm to get to the closest shelter.
  6. Comfortable clothes & shoes:
    • Be prepared for hot days and cold nights. Layering works well.
    • Walking shorts for the day and pants for the colder nights.
    • Hiking boots are a must for comfy feet (read about Playa feet).
  7. Ear plugs: The Black Rock Desert Arts Festival goes 24-7 so ear plugs are a must.
  8. Mountain Bike: Bring a mountain bike (the knobbier the tires the better). It’s a great way to get around. If you plan to use a bike as your main transport you might want to consider mountain bike shorts. They look like baggy shorts and they will save your bum.
  9. Epsom salts: Bring Epsom salts and your feet will love you. We evolved into this great afternoon ritual. We talked about things we’d seen during our day and we soaked our tired feet.
  10. Bring nothing that you care about to the Black Rock Desert Arts Festival. It may not live to tell about the trip. I was very worried about my camera equipment but not so much that I didn’t take it all. I have to replace some lens filters and I have a lot of cleaning to do now, but I’m glad I had everything with me.
  11. Volunteer as much as you can. You will see a different side of the event and you will have a better understanding of some of the Black Rock Desert Arts Festival thinking by gifting your time.
  12. Read all you can on the Black Rock Desert Arts Festival site before you go. There is a lot going on every day and night so be sure to check out the daily schedules on the website.

If you would also like to share your RV camping adventures, tips and insights with us, please send them to

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The Black Rock Desert Arts Festival Rule #1 – Plan Early

The Black Rock Desert Arts Festival 2009 will be here before you know it. The dates for the 2009 event are August 31 – September 7, 2009.

When planning for the Black Rock Desert Arts Festival, the most important rule is to plan early. This is especially true when planning your Black Rock Desert Arts Festival RV Rental. This should come as no surprise – the RV rental locations closest to the event book their inventories the fastest. When it comes to Black Rock Desert Arts Festival RV rentals, the longer you wait, the further away you will have to rent. Of course, for many, the adventure of getting there is half the fun…

Some Black Rock Desert Arts Festival resources to help you plan for the event:

El Monte RV Rentals for the Black Rock Desert Arts Festival 2009

See Luxury Accommodations at the Black Rock Desert Arts Festival 2009 or call 888-337-2214.

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