Does your family need new ideas for making your family reunions fun for all ages? Why not plan a reunion in the great outdoors, complete with RV comfort and convenience? We’ve pulled together the perfect plan for bringing your family together for an RV camping reunion.

Step 1: Family RV Inventory

Start floating the idea to one and all that you’d like to go camping for this year’s reunion. Once your relatives have agreed that camping together sounds like a blast, your next step is to find out how many motorhomes your extended family already has. You might be surprised to learn that Cousin Jerry regularly camps in a fifth-wheel and Uncle Joe has driven his Class A ‘bus style’ RV from New York to LA.

Once you’ve taken inventory of available motorhomes, you can do the next two steps—pick your location and rent RVs for the overflow.

Step 2: Pick Your Location

Asking what style motorhomes are already in the family helps you choose the right location and type of campground. Some larger RVs, for example, require 50amp hookups, so you’ll need to look for a campground with that amenity.

But the biggest consideration is what reunion activities will the family enjoy? Will your relatives want to fish, boat and swim? A lakeside campground at a scenic state park would be a great choice. If the goal is to camp close to hiking and biking trails, investigate state parks, national parks or national recreation areas with plenty of room to roam. Remember to check for on-site or nearby campgrounds that can accommodate your size of group and reserve the sites you’ll need before you go.

More thoughts on location—if your relatives love the idea of mountain camping, consider Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado or Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. For a gathering of sun-worshipping siblings, why not book several campsites at Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, CA? We’re blessed in the USA to have national parks, state parks and camper-friendly lakes and rivers all over the map. Email some location ideas to your clan and reserve your campsites based on their top picks.

Step 3: Rent RVs for the Overflow

Some families will find that there are plenty of motorhome beds to accommodate their gathering. If you determine, however, that you’re short an RV or two, don’t panic! We’re happy to help set up RV rentals, either in your loved ones’ home cities or near your family camping destination.

Use this quick link to access the types of motorhomes we offer and where you can rent them.

Step 4: Deal with the Details

The success of any family reunion is in the details, and an RV camping reunion is no exception! With a place to gather chosen and accommodations reserved, all that’s left is to decide who will bring what and how much. Will one person purchase groceries for the group or each family bring their own? Potluck meals are always fun and give campers the chance to show off their outdoor cooking skills.

A rookie reunion camping mistake is assuming everyone will know what to bring! All it takes is a little communication to settle details such as who will bring groceries, camp stoves and utensils, what equipment is needed for group activities and any special regulations in place at your venue. If your location has a website with camping and activity information, send the link to your loved ones so they’ll know what to expect.

Planning your RV camping family reunion doesn’t have to be a full-time job. Plan together to pick a great spot, make sure you have the RVs you need and settle the details for meals and activities before you’re thirty miles from a Walmart. Because you’ve planned well, your RV camping family reunion is liable to become a cherished family tradition.

Stuck for summer RV camping ideas? Why not combine your family’s love of hiking, paddling and, of course, exceptional RV camping, with a trip to Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area?

If you’ve never been to ‘the Gap’, it’s located where the Delaware River divides New Jersey from Pennsylvania, about an hour southeast of Kingston, PA and two hours northwest of Linden, NJ. The Delaware River makes its way through the Appalachian Mountains here, and provides an area abundant with ways to entertain yourself outdoors.

Now that you know how to get there, what will you find to do at Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area? delaware_water_gap_pa  Answer—just about anything outdoors-loving campers like to do! Whether you spend your entire vacation hiking the Appalachian and secondary trails, photographing waterfalls or paddling the Middle Delaware, there’s a gorgeous place to do it in the nearly seventy-thousand acres within the Gap.

Let’s start by talking about the hiking possibilities, since that’s a major activity at this National Recreation Area. Twenty-eight miles of the world-famous Appalachian Trail climb in and out of the NRA’s hemlock forests, surprising first-time visitors and veteran hikers alike with not-to-be-forgotten views. In addition to the Appalachian Trail, your family can hike up Mount Tammany, be equally challenged by the trail up Mount Minsi and thrill to views of the more than thousand-foot-deep mountain gorge that gives the NRA its name. Hiking the area’s four dozen marked trails is enough adventure for several RV camping trips, so use this quick guide to Delaware Water Gap trails when planning this year’s adventures.

If your RV camping vacation goal is to come home with jaw-dropping photos, you won’t be disappointed! As you hike up mountainsides and along the Water Gap, keep an eye out for the waterfalls rushing down into rocky pools. You’ll also find plenty to photograph along scenic drives like the Old Mine Road. Quaint villages, historic homes and vintage structures can be found throughout the park for those willing to hike, bike or drive to the Gap’s more remote regions.

We’ve saved the best for last—the joys of diving in (literally) to the River that rolls through the Delaware Water Gap. Kayaks and canoes can be seen making their lazy way along this stretch of the Middle Delaware, with happy paddlers craning their necks to see eagles high overhead and enjoying solitary stretches of undisturbed countryside.

If the kids enjoy taking a dip in a mountain stream, they’ll love the Gap’s swimming beaches, too. And don’t leave the anglers in your group high and dry! Tell them to pack their fishing gear, because the Delaware during summer months is flyfishing or light tackle heaven for smallmouth bass. It’s especially popular for kayak fishing.

Now that you’ve learned your active family will find plenty to do at the Delaware Water Gap NRA, all that’s left is to book your campsite. There are plenty of choices, from Dingman’s Campground, the authorized camping concessionaire within the National Recreation Area, to nearby Pennsylvania campgrounds in towns like East Stroudsburg or campgrounds in New Jersey in the towns of Columbia and Delaware. If you don’t happen to own an RV, be sure to stop by Linden, New Jersey El Monte RV Rentals or El Monte RV Rentals in Kingston, Pennsylvania—we’ve got just the motorhome for your trip.

Lush, green, scenic, refreshing—that’s how visitors describe the treasure that is the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Bring the family and turn them loose in the countryside. This is sure to become a place they’ll want to go RV camping again and again.

Ready for a place to park your RV with abundant outdoor adventure close at hand? Cedar City, Utah, about halfway between Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, is ground zero for outdoor recreation.

Why so much back-to-nature fun near Cedar City? Southwest Utah and its amazing variety of national parks and forests is all within an easy drive from your Cedar City RV campground.  Come along as we do a quick tour of the outdoor wonderlands you’ll want to visit.

Zion National Park

zion_natl_park_angel's landing

Zion National Park – Angel’s Landing

No motorhome trip to Cedar City and Southern Utah is complete without a visit to Zion National Park. Home to awe-inspiring redrock cliffs and canyons, Zion is just fifty miles south of Cedar City. Once you’re there, your outdoor fun can take the shape of wading the Narrows Trail down the Virgin River, hiking, biking or driving the scenic wonders of the Kolob Canyons or making it your mission to discover the Park’s outstanding waterfalls. No matter what kind of recreation gets you out into nature, you’ll come back to your campground filled with tales to share.

Cedar Breaks National Monument

Get ready to be blown away by the raw beauty of this half-mile deep, three mile wide amphitheater in the mountains thirty minutes east of Cedar City. You’ll climb to ten thousand feet and then watch as the earth drops away in spectacular fashion at the rim of this remarkable formation. Bold hoodoos and spires can be spotted on the canyon floor and the entire Cedar Breaks formation is one glorious vacation photo in the making.

Ways to get outdoors and explore? Pack gear for rain and sudden drops in temperature and then explore one of the Monument’s trails. Whether you’re up for the high altitude, challenging Spectra Point Trail or choose to explore the forests, flower-filled meadows and ancient rock formation along the Alpine Pond Trail, have your camera ready. It’s going to be memorable!

Dixie National Forest

Campers who desire an authentic wilderness experience will find it just a half-hour drive from Cedar City. Dixie National Forest, two million acres of red rock and limestone canyons, high desert plateaus and dramatic mountain gorges, can be as remote and isolated an adventure as you choose.

Four wilderness areas—Ashdown Gorge, Box-Death Hollow, Cottonwood Forest and Pine Valley Mountain—each hold mystery and beauty that only travelers willing to take the challenge will discover. Even a short hike along one of the marked trails will give you a sense of America as it appeared to its earliest inhabitants. Don’t miss it!

Bryce Canyon National Park

One more wondrous spot outdoor adventurers will want to visit on an RV camping trip to Cedar City is Bryce Canyon National Park. Located eighty miles east across the southern end of Dixie National Forest, Bryce Canyon defies accurate description, with countless limestone hoodoos, scenic overlooks and pine forests that seem to grow from bare rock everywhere you look. Hiking a canyon trail or looking out over miles of baffling limestone formations will inspire awe and create wonderful vacation memories. RV Travel Tip:  RV parking outside the campgrounds at Bryce is limited to overflow lots, so plan to take your towed vehicle from Cedar City or take advantage of the free shuttle that stops at RV parking areas.  It will take you to all major attractions within the park with hop-on, hop-off privileges.

Cedar City Area Mountain Biking

A bonus tip for outdoor adventurers coming to Cedar City: the mountain biking here is outrageous! Use this guide to Cedar City/Brian Head mountain biking trails to plan your own two-wheeled trek through some of the prettiest terrain ever. 

Before we go, have we mentioned that Cedar City’s cooler temps, thanks to its five thousand feet elevation, make it the perfect summer RV getaway? When you come back to your campground, take the time to visit Cedar City’s own historic and cultural attractions, including a nationally famous Shakespeare Festival held all summer long!

Summer’s the time to visit Cedar City by RV, when mountain roads are clear to millions of acres of national parks and forests. Come for top-notch Utah RV camping and discover the center of outdoor fun.

Did you know that three of the top-ranked zoos in America are waiting for your family in Ohio? We’ve mapped an epic five hundred mile motorhome safari to discover the zoos in Toledo, Cincinnati and Columbus. To add even more adventure to your RV excursion, we’ve thrown in a bonus stop for the kids on the trip home.

In need of an RV rental? Start your journey in Louisville, KY, just an hour and a half south of Cincinnati. If you’re good to go, pick up the safari at the Cincinnati Zoo, FamilyFun Magazine’s 2015 top pick for animal attractions. From mysterious Wolf Woods to the spectacular polar bear habitat, your family will be thrilled, educated and thoroughly entertained on this leg of your zoological safari. Family Fun Tip: Save time to take in a show at the zoo’s 4-D theater, where 3-D movies mixed with sensory surprises are sure to capture everyone’s imagination.

The next stop on our motorhome safari to discover Ohio’s zoos is a couple of hours north up I-71 in Columbus. The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium is located in the city’s northern suburb of Powell, OH and features one of the most diverse animal populations in America!   Columbus Zoo & AquariumUnder the guidance of Jack Hanna, frequent guest of David Letterman, the Columbus Zoo has become famous for its natural habitats, abundant animal species and involvement in global conservation projects. Family Fun Tip: Plan to visit the adjoining Zoombezi Bay Water Park to help support the zoo while having a splashing good time.

Let’s take a second to remind ourselves why we travel by RV on trips like these. Three reasons come to mind:

  • The comfort of today’s luxurious motorhomes keep everyone happy on the road,
  • The convenience of cooking meals in your RV kitchen keeps the trip healthy and most of all,
  • Your vacation dollars are saved for family adventures rather than hotel charges and restaurant meals when you own or rent an RV.

Now back to our trip! Our final stop to find zoological wonders is Toledo, Ohio, two hours north of Columbus via US-23 and I-75. When you enter the gates of the century-old Toledo Zoo & Aquarium, you’ll know you’re a part of something special. Many of the main buildings were built during the Depression by the WPA and there’s a sense of history as well as adventure here. With thousands of animals waiting to amaze and educate your family, don’t be surprised if you spend the entire day at the Toledo Zoo & Aquarium! Family Fun Tip: Book a behind-the-scenes tour before your come, and challenge the kids to locate as many of the zoo’s historic animal sculptures as possible while on your visit.

And speaking of the kids, we promised them a bonus stop if you’re completing the loop back south. The town of Mason, OH, between Dayton and Cincinnati on I-75, is home to King’s Island and Soak City, the largest amusement park/waterpark complex in the Midwest. This gigantic destination promises a day or more filled with thrill rides (think 80mph roller coaster!), enormous water slides and fun for the little ones at Planet Snoopy. You’ll go home a hero if you make this stop part of your RV safari itinerary!

And there you have it—a five hundred mile safari to world-class zoos and family fun in Ohio. Thanks to the abundance of Ohio RV campgrounds, booking great places to camp is a breeze for families on safari. Strike out on a journey through Ohio this camping season to discover vacation surprises the kids will talk about for years.

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